Blocked / Reversed Cards

Many books deal only with the reversed meanings of the tarot. And each Tarot reader has their own unique thoughts on Reversed cards.

With a few exceptions, a reversed card meaning is generally seen negatively compared to upright card meanings.

Many tarot readers ignore reversals in reading and turn the card the right way up if they are reversed. And then, you can use your intuition to intemperate the card in a positive or negative light.

Reversals are a totally personal thing

For me, I like to look at them as Blocked Cards. Showing something that you need to overcome that’s not necessarily harmful or negative. But they give you the information you can use to become aware of and help you make choices and changes in your life.

You can often have those moments when you see things in a more negative light. The blocked cards just remind you that you have complete control of your life. You have free will to change things and move forward.


My thought on blocked cards are

The Fool: Hesitation, indecisiveness, Poor Decision, Reckless, Lack of Planning

The Magician: Unimaginative, insecurity, Control, Insecurity, Being Mislead, Delay in Plans

The High Priestess: Secrets, manipulation, bad advice.

The Empress: Indecisiveness, struggles with fertility, financial strife.

The Emperor: Poor judgment, lack of direction, stubbornness

The Hierophant: loss of faith, restriction, problems with education.

The Lovers: Separation, Disharmony, Poor choices, Disappointment.

The Chariot: Out of Control, Conflict, Delays.

Strength: Weakness, Overwhelmed, Avoiding Conflict, Indecision.

The Hermit: Bad decisions, immaturity, forced solitude, feeling pushed out.

The Wheel of Fortune: Failure, Bad Luck.

Justice: Unfairness, Accusations, Miscarriage of Justice.

The Hanged Man: Indecision, Lack of Effort, Naivety, Lack of Awareness, Holding on to the past.

Death: Stagnant, Inability To Move On, Resisting Change.

Temperance: Imbalance, Hostility, Emotional, Unable To Cope

The Devil: Overcoming Obstacles, Letting Go, Guilt, Fear, Being Controlled.

The Tower: Avoiding Change, Adverting Disaster, Bitterness, and Blame.

The Star: Unfulfilled Desires, Imbalance, Feeling Alone, Lost, Leaving in a Make-Believe World.

The Moon: Deception, Warning, Caution, Mistakes.

The Sun: Loneliness, Sadness, a Broken Marriage, Unfriendliness, Not Content.

Judgment: Delay, Disappointing, Indecisiveness, Procrastination.

The World: Imperfection, Disappointing, No Vision.


The Minor Arcana



Ace of Wands: Selfishness To Spoil Ventures, Setbacks, Journey Cancellation.

Two of Wands: Caution, Dominance By Others.

Three of Wands: Mistakes, Scattered Energy, Carelessness, Pride, Arrogance.

Four of Wands: Appreciation, Peace, Harmony.

Five of Wands: Generosity, Opportunities.

Six of Wands: Delays, Recognition, Postponed Trips, Pride.

Seven of Wands: Threat, Indecision, Impatient.

Eight of Wands: Violence, Aggression, Domestic Disputes, Arguments, Fights.

Nine of Wands: Unwillingness to fight. Weak Character, Poor Health.

Ten of Wands: Energy, Strength, Vindictiveness, Witty, Intelligent.

Page of Wands: Instability, heartbroken, bad news.

Knight of Wands: Jealous, Narrow-minded, Suspicious, Doubtful.

Queen of Wands: Strict, deceit, infidelity, revengeful.

King of Wands: Unyielding, intolerance, prejudice.



Ace of Cups: Hesitant, Selfish, Self-Centered.

Two of Cups: Imbalance In Relationships, Misunderstanding, Loss of Love.

Three of Cups: Overindulging, Gossiping, Sorrow.

Four of Cups: New Relationship, New Goals, Action, Ambition.

Five of Cups: Hope or Love. Beginning of a New Relationship.

Six of Cups: Disappointing friendships, living in the past.

Seven of Cups: Determined, Will Power, Definite Direction.

Eight of Cups: Need for Pleasure, The Pursuit Of Contentment.

Nine of Cups: Money Needed, Illness. Unfulfilled Wishes.

Ten of Cups: Family Dispute, Loss Of Friendship, Family Issue.

Page of Cups: Selfishness, Not Imaginative.

Knight of Cups: Fraud, Cheating, Trickery, Idle.

Queen of Cups: Perverse, Happiness Turns Bitter.

King of Cups: Violent, Crafty, Scandals.



Ace of Swords: Unruly Use of Power, Tyranny, Obstacles.

Two of Swords: Potential Danger, Awareness

Three of Swords: Confusion, Loss.

Four of Swords: Restlessness, Agitation, Stress

Five of Swords: Unfairness, Isolation, Unhappy Resolution

Six of Swords: Postponed journey, Stagnant Energy

Seven of Swords: Revival, The Return of Lost Items

Eight of Swords: Freedom, Release, Power, New Beginnings.

Nine of Swords: Healing, Patience, Good News, Additional Options

Ten of Swords: Trust, Balance, Healthy, Attitude

Page of Swords: Cunning, Lousy Health, Events Occurring Unexpectedly, Imposture.

Knight of Swords: Troublemaker, Tyranny, Secretive.

Queen of Swords: Cruel, Sly, Narrow-Minded Counselor.

King of Swords: Evil Intentioned, Obstinate, Unfair.



Ace of Pentacles: Greedy, Materialistic, Misery.

Two of Pentacles: Bad News, Money Worries

Three of Pentacles: Incompetence, Neglect

Four of Pentacles: Obstacles,Extravagance,Spendthrift

Five of Pentacles: New Opportunities, Money Issues Being Resolved

Six of Pentacles: Unfairness, jealousy, bribery

Seven of Pentacles: Bad Investments, Disappointment, Lack of Progress.

Eight of Pentacles: Lack of Drive And Ambition, Lazy.

Nine of Pentacles: Loss, Frivolity, Bad Investments.

Ten of Pentacles: Misfortune, Loss, Failure.

Page of Pentacles: Wasteful, Rebellious, Bad News.

Knight of Pentacles: Boredom, Lack of Trust, Stuck.

Queen of Pentacles: Overly Dependent, Neglect, Selfishness.

King of Pentacles: Anger, Bribes, Materialistic