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One of the best ways for you to predict your future is to create the future you want.

Everyone is born with free will, and you are in charge of your own destiny, even if it might seem the opposite at times.

Having a tarot reading can open you up to seeing things. And give you the freedom to see things from another angle. It offers you guidance on many different aspects of your life.

It can help you look at difficult situations or decisions that you might find yourself facing. It can help you look at the path your on from a different viewpoint. And to identify any barriers you might feel you have.

The cards can help you explore your relationships, career or just help you refocus on your lifestyle choices.

They will give you the confidence to confront those difficult decisions or a challenging situation you might be facing. To help you find direction when you think there isn’t any way forward,

to help you look at the mistakes you might have made in the past and let you face them, so you don’t make the same ones in the future.

To confront difficult decisions or circumstances that need resolving.

The cards can help you explore new opportunities. Maybe you feel that nothing is going your way. The cards can let you know that you are on the right path.

They want to teach you to open up to recognize and listen to your inner voice. That gut feeling that so many people often ignore.

I started doing readings by email a few years ago, and I wasn’t sure how it would work; I thought of myself as old school, having to have my client face to face with me and reading that way. But I quickly learned I was wrong. In my first reading by email, all I got was a name and a question.

I couldn’t read their body language; In fact, I didn’t even know their age. All I had was the client’s name, and actually, it was an asexual name, so I wasn’t sure if I was reading for a man or a woman.

I learned a lot from my first email reading, and I have evolved as a reader because of it. The positive feedback from my email readings has given me a great sense of accomplishment.


Someone once asked me to do you actually do the readings, or do you just copy and paste from a template.

That made me think about people’s perception of email tarot readings obviously, the answer is a definite No.

And I’m not going to be looking you up on social; media either.

So in my readings, I clearly let my client know precisely what they expect to get from my Reading.

My readings are intuitive, compassionate, and honest. I try to offer practical advice. And to help you gain focus in your life. My readings can help unlock your potential and illuminate possibilities, difficulties, and strengths to help you create the future you want to experience.

I first thing that I do when I receive your request for reading to ensure that I can answer your question within my own ethical code of conduct.

Then I like to form a Tarot spread tailored to work with my client’s questions, challenges, and desired outcomes.

I’ve changed many things since that first reading. One of those things is that I will reach out to you once I have your request just so we are on the same page when it comes to your question. Questions can be like onions and often have many different layers sometimes. People ask questions that are a bit vague and are not really what they mean to ask, so it’s good to peel away those layers to truly get to the heart of your question.

I decided years ago not to read for the third party or answer any health issues. I will contact you via email to see if we can change the focus of the question back to what is truly in the client’s control.

And to what I feel comfortable answering ethically.

When I am ready to begin, I go into my sacred space and prepare for the reading. Just as if my client was sitting in front of me.

I offer an opening pray at my altar and invite my Angles to work with me in the reading. At the same time, I’m concentrating on the question. I shuffle the cards and then cut the deck into two piles. Then, I put the bottom pile back on top and then shuffle again. When it feels right, I take the cards from the top of the deck and lay them down in the tarot spread I chose earlier. I do read reversed cards. My deck is always the right way up when I start the reading. Still, while I’m shuffling, things change if a card is a jumper (one that falls out while shuffling), I will put that one side and include it in the reading as an extra message the cards might have for you.

To interpret the reading, I look at all the cards, look at the big picture, and start to build the story as to what I observe is happening in the client’s life.

I then start writing down the beginning of the story. I then go back through each card, noticing its position in the spread. Looking at the cards’ connection, the symbols, the colors, listen to the story they are telling me, and allow my intuition to be open to hearing those little messages.

All the time, I am writing down exactly what I see in the cards and what they are saying to me.

When the reading is over, I thank the cards for their guidance and offer a closing prayer.

I then go to my laptop and type up the reading. I attach a word document with your reading on it.

I add the pictures of the cards I pulled for you so you can have an understanding of the cards. i always add positive affirmation to the readings.

I’m pleased to discuss the reading further to help you clarify anything for you.

If you would like to request an email reading, please click on the payment button of your choice below.

Once you have made your Paypal payment, you will be taken to the purchase confirmation page to find the required information you need to fill out.

You will receive reading via email with images of each card’s spread and explanation and how it relates to your question and the other cards in the reading.

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Choose from the following options:

Three-Card Reading.

Price: $45,00

This is an in-depth and detailed reading. Shuffling the Cards allows me to do a customized spread reading that I think will work best, considering your question. Then draw the cards accordingly. And then send you a detailed email

Please allow 3 working days to receive your reading.


Yes or No Reading

Price: $10

This is an exciting and quick reading because it gives you an I will customize a spread that I think works best and then draw the cards accordingly. Then send you an email.

Please allow up to 24 hours to Obtain your reading.


Your Tarot Birth Card Reading

Price: $15

Your Tarot birth card is determined by adding up your birthday and then breaking it down into its lowest form. In this reading, you do not have to ask a question will draw the cards accordingly. Then send you an email.

I need the full digits of your birthday.

Please allow up to 24 hours for your reading to come.


The Celtic Cross

Price: $50.00

The Celtic cross has always been one of the most popular Tarot spreads. This is a Ten card spread and allows for rich, detailed reading. I use it to get in-depth answers to your questions. It is, for me, a more rigid way of reading compared to the three-card spread. In the Celtic cross as the positions of the cards lead us on a journey.

Please allow 5 days to obtain your reading.


Disclaimer: A mentioned before, I will only read for those 18nyears or older. Any advice that you receive should never be used to replace the guidance of a medical, legal, psychological professional.

You can pay using pay pall.