The Major Arcana

Scary Cards


On the Death card, we see the appearance of a skeleton wearing amour. He is riding on a horse, which is trotting over people. He seems to have left devastation behind and is moving forward. He is carrying a flag with a white rose, symbolizing that he comes in peace. We see a man praying […]

Card Theme: Transformation
Element: Water

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The Devil

The Devil card shows a bearded man sitting above a tiny door. A man and a woman who resemble Adam and Eve, standing naked with chains around their necks. But if you take a closer look, you will notice that those chains can be removed easily by them if they wanted to walk away from […]

Card Theme: Bondage
Element: Earth

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The Tower

The Tower is on fire; having been struck by lightning, dark clouds arise from the building. Two people are falling from the building to the ground. A crown that once sat upon the top of the Tower is seen blown up into the darkness. Everything seems to be out of control. The meaning of the […]

Card Theme: Destruction
Element: Fire

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