The Major Arcana

The Fools

A young man is standing on the edge of a cliff. Over his shoulder, he is carrying all his possessions that are tied in a bundle. He is walking seemingly without a care in the world, ready for an adventure. His little dog is barking and trying to get his attention and alert him to […]

Card Theme: Beginnings
Element: Air

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The Magician

The Magician is standing by his table; he has one hand pointed to the sky, and the other is pointing to the ground. He embodies “As above, so below.” he is holding the four suits’ his tools and is ready to manifest the things he needs: Pentacles – Money Swords – Ideas Cups – Emotions […]

Card Theme: Intention
Element: Air

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The High Priestess

The High Priestess is sitting at the temple entrance between two pillars, one is black, and the other is white. There is a mystical atmosphere surrounding her. At her feet is a crescent-shaped moon. The curtain behind her has images of pomegranates. She is wearing a large cross. These are symbols of religion and spirituality. […]

Card Theme: Intuition
Element: Water

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