The Major Arcana

The Empress

The Empress looks relaxed on a chair; she is propped up comfortably by cushions. A lush green landscape surrounds her; there is a waterfall behind her. The Empress represents the bounty of Mother Earth. She looks incredibly relaxed. She is wearing a loose-fitting gown, which implies that she is might be pregnant, symbolizing new life […]

Card Theme: Nurturing
Element: Earth

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The Emperor

The Emperor sits prominently upon his stone throne. He does not need extravagance surroundings; his strength and stature speak for themselves. He is different from the Empress as there is nothing soft about him. He is the highest leader; he decides the structure and the rules of the game and expects people to play. He […]

Card Theme: Authority
Element: Fire

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The Hierophant

The Hierophant is a holy leader, a wise man. He is an excellent advisor. He is wearing the papal crown. There is a scepter in his right hand; we see him making the gesture of a blessing to the two men who are kneeling at his feet. The Hierophant is an excellent advisor, even if […]

Card Theme: Organizations
Element: Earth

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