The Major Arcana

The Lovers

The lovers are standing in a magical garden showing a substantial similarity to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. They are naked, standing in front of the tree of life and the tree of forbidden fruit. The Archangel Raphael looms above them. The Lovers is the card that most people want to see […]

Card Theme: Relationships
Element: Air

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The Chariot

We see a warrior in armor who is riding in a Stone Chariot. At the foot of his Chariot are two sphinx’s – one black and one white. The Sphinxes are not tied to his Chariot, signifying that the soldier has the free will to go wherever he chooses. He is holding the reins. The […]

Card Theme: Direction
Element: Water

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The Strength

The Strength card shows a woman dressed in white. Which is a symbol of innocence. She is gently and calmly holding open the mouth of a lion. The lion is looking up at her with trust. They are not struggling. She stays in control by keeping her position, symbolized by the infinity sign over her […]

Card Theme: Fortitude
Element: Fire

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