The Major Arcana

The Moon

The Moon is a card of duality and emotion, with its two foreboding towers. A dog and a wolf are howling at the Moon, sending out a warning. The Moon appears to gaze down upon the scene below, But did you notice that the Moon’s eyes are closed. The crayfish in the center of the […]

Card Theme: Illusion
Element: Water

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The Sun

In a sunny walled garden, a naked baby is riding a white horse representing innocence and joy. The sunflowers and the banner that he is carrying signifies happiness, strength, and growth. There is an enormous sun that shines brightly and is sustaining everything below. I find that The Sun is one of the happiest cards […]

Card Theme: Illumination
Element: Fire

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The Archangel Gabriel is blowing his trumpet before a group of naked men, women, and children as they rise in glory from their graves with their arms outstretched. There seems to be a feeling of liberation. A new day is has begun. This card portrays Judgment Day. It’s time to bury the past, now raise […]

Card Theme: Awakening
Element: Fire

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