Card Theme: Transformation
Element: Water

On the Death card, we see the appearance of a skeleton wearing amour. He is riding on a horse, which is trotting over people. He seems to have left devastation behind and is moving forward. He is carrying a flag with a white rose, symbolizing that he comes in peace. We see a man praying as the Sun is rising behind him.

For people, the Death card is often one of the most disturbing cards and the most misinterpreted cards in the Tarot deck.

This card does not indicate someone is dying, but it instead relates to the idea of endings and transformation. It could be the end of a friendship or a relationship or just a new stage in your life.

Something significant is about to come to an end to clear the path for a new beginning.

The only negative aspect of this card for me is that it can often suggest. That you may experience an unsettled emotional phase before you realize that the situation will work out for the better.

Death can indicate a change in oneself. It can be as small as a change in lifestyle. This card is suggesting that something meaningful will come to an end. Perhaps you are not even aware that it has happened. Whether it is a good or bad thing will depend on your attitude. You can choose to see this as a time to regret what you have lost. Or want to see things in a positive light. By doing this, you will be able to open your life to more and possibilities and new opportunities that will come your way.

I find this card does have a positive spin. It is representative of ending one initial phase in your life. In turn, it will bring about the beginning of something far more valuable and meaningful.

When you draw this card, it can be a reminder that sometimes all good things come to an end and that everything that can often excite you can be temporary. You might find this hard to come to terms with, as it may accompany a feeling of loss or your unwillingness to let go of things.

Maybe you have encountered a stressful period, and then the Death card will be a welcome sight in a reading.
I find that many people recoil and fear the Death card, but you are encountering endings all of the time in reality. There is nothing to fear -” “As one door closes, another one opens.”

Usually, when the Death card appears, you have little choice in the matter; Something will change.

You may fight hard against this change, but give it time. Everything in life happens for a reason.

Do not worry when you get this card in your reading. It just shows this phrase in your life is changing. There s no doubt that something has to shift. Although the thought of a change may feel frightening, there will likely be an improvement as new opportunities arise.

Now is the chance for you to let go of whatever you feel that no longer serves your needs in your life.

Affirmation: “Now is the time to let go of the old and embrace the new”


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Stressed

I find that Death in the blocked position virtually has the same meaning as the card in the upright position. Still, the difference is how you react to it. You are feeling anxious and stressed, unable to understand what has happened rather than accepting it. When you find the Death card reversed, the Universe is saying that the result is final. There is no way back. The relationship is what it is, or the boss won’t change their mind. And if you find yourself able to accept this change, you will find that even though the idea of closure is scary, the improvement in your life will be worth it.