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Eight of Cups

Card Theme: Unfulfilled
Element: Water

A man is seen walking away from eight cups that are stacked upon each other. He is walking on a rocky mountain path. His walk feels heavy to me. It feels like his walk is one of regret; he doesn’t look back. The Eight Cups that he has neatly stacked show that maybe the effort he took was all in vain.

We see the moon and the sun are together in the sky; they represent darkness and light simultaneously.

The Eight cups represent a spiritual journey. It could be when the only solution is to turn your back and walk and go in a different direction. What you are doing right now isn’t working out as you had expected it to, or now it suddenly doesn’t feel that important to you—a Time to move on. You may have found yourself having a tough time recently. You may be feeling disappointed and sad.

You can be sure that nothing lasts forever, and sometimes choices that you face can be challenging.

You may think that a situation that has left you feeling drained for some time now seems beyond repair, and perhaps the only way forward is to break away. However, it is often challenging for you to welcome change, but know that it will benefit you in the long run.

You might find yourself wishing that a situation might have been different. But as you realize that things aren’t going to change, it’s time for you to let go. It’s alright to cut your losses and move forward without regret.

The Eight Of Cups often appears when you feel the need for more fulfillment in your life, or perhaps you feel that life is meaningless. If this is the case, then the appearance of the Eight of Cups is a positive sign. You will be able to examine your problems. By doing this, you will find the satisfaction and contentment you deserve.

You might find that this time is one of both sadness and joy; it will be the sadness of giving something up and then the fun when you realize that there are better things to come.

It’s a call for you to go deeper into yourself and find that beauty and truth that lies within you. You must keep your eye on the future and find yourself able to envision the outcome you would like to see and the one you deserve.

You could connect these journeys to small deaths (not in the real sense of the word). Still, in a way that they might involve you giving up something that you no longer need, and by doing this, you will gain something better for yourself. This journey will eventually lead to acceptance and hope. When you can finally realize that there will be far more important things to come your way.

One of my daughters’ teachers said, “That there is about 10 percent of life that you can’t control. When things keep coming at you, but that 90 percent that you can control, you should embrace it.”

The Eight of Cups warns you to be on your guard, as it can have a habit of shaking your foundations and wake you up from being complacent. It’s instructing you to make the changes you need to make things better. It’s pretty natural if you feel concerned, but you have now reached the end of a cycle, and you will start to see new doors opening up to you.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Opportunity

The Eight of Cups in the blocked position suggests that you might have been feeling frustrated. Are you allowing yourself to hold on to the past when you really know that it’s time to move on?. Are you trying to walk away from a situation?. Taking the cowards way out and actually not facing the facts in a situation?