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Eight of Wands

Card Theme: Acceleration
Element: Fire

We see Eight budding Wands quickly moving through the air and over a beautiful calm landscape, suggesting that there are no obstacles in their path. The sky is a bright blue, and the water below is clear.

This card suggests swift action. If you have been waiting for a change, then it is about to happen. Things that were moving slower than you wanted to now move at a much faster speed, so be sure that you are ready. The Eight of Wands is a NOW card. There is little time for planning, as destiny is about to take you on a new path.

The struggles and obstacles you have faced in the past are just that they are in the past. And you can start to look forward to the next period in your life with joy and anticipation.

If you have found yourself feeling uncertain about a situation, now is the time to take action.

The Eight of Wands can symbolize the excitement you feel when you find yourself having those late-night conversations with friends. Staying up all night, drinking endless glasses of wine where you might find yourself trying to sort out world problems, and by doing so, you find that you come to know yourself a little better.

At times like this, you may feel that you have stepped outside your day-to-day existence and breathed more meaning into your life.

Maybe your thinking about traveling or moving home. The Eight of Wands is a card of movement. Look out for surprise journeys. Life will start to feel very busy for you.

Everyone is on a different journey, and on that journey, you will find that various pieces of life’s puzzle will fall into place. Once you can understand your past, your present starts to make more sense, and then your future suddenly becomes more exciting.

At times like this, you may feel a fantastic sense of timelessness that makes you realize that the daily stresses and worries you face are temporary. The one thing in life that you can be sure of is change. The Eight of Wands symbolizes those times when those pieces fall into place, and when they are all put together, they make the most beautiful puzzle, which is your life.

With the Eight of Wands, you will see all these pieces falling into place, making more sense to you.

The Eight of Wands is a positive card in the suit, along with the Ace of Wands. You will find yourself being able to communicate easily with others.

The Eight of Wands can bring great news about love, mainly if you have been separated from a partner recently or waiting to hear about new love.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Insecurity

When the Eight of Wands shows up in the blocked position, this suggests that your energy may have been feeling scattered and leaving you feeling confused. The simple meaning of the card in this position is a delay, and you may find yourself with lots of work to finish or waiting for a decision to be made.

In relationships, you might find it hard to communicate with people and get into arguments unnecessarily.

Perhaps you are not clear why you are on a particular path and aren’t sure how you got here and how to change it. Feeling this way can often make you question what it’s all about and whether there is anything more to life than just the mundane.