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Five of Pentacles

Card Theme: Poverty
Element: Earth

In the Five of Pentacles, you see what appears to be two beggars walking barefoot in the snow. One of the beggars is on crutches. They seem determined to walk and keep warm. They fail to notice the church’s beautiful stained glass window above them, portraying a money tree bearing Five Pentacles.

Through the window, it seems warm and inviting, not cold and bleak, like the path they are walking on

The Five of Pentacles represents a time of hardship, a feeling of despair, and struggle in your life. A time when everything around you seems bleak and meaningless. You may have found yourself feeling in a negative place for a while. Maybe you can not seem to find an answer to your problems?. Difficulties can have a tremendous impact on your health and your general sense of well-being and security.

The world is full of difficulty. And it’s also full of the joy of overcoming it. Often along with hardship, you can appreciate the times in your life when things are good. When you recover from being sick, it can make you enjoy your good health. When you’re faced with financial problems, it can help you focus on the important things in your life.

When people see the Five of Pentacles in a reading, I find that they almost always think of the card’s negative features. With its underlying negative implications.

I like to see this card as a card of encouragement. You can read it as a reminder for you to be grateful for what you have.

This card suggests that you will be able to turn a problematic situation to your advantage. Life is never without its problems, and maybe you have had your fair share recently without sounding like a cliche. Every cloud has a silver lining. Your difficulties often make you stronger and shape you into a better person.

Enabling you to become better equipped to cope with what life throws at you and, more importantly, you will begin to appreciate the good things you have in your life.

I find that the Five of Pentacles can suggest an opportunity for a new spiritual awareness.

The thing about difficulties is that they do not have a shelf life. Things can change, and no situation ever remains the same for long, even though it may not seem that way for you.

This card has a caution not to allow yourself to get locked into a negative mindset and have a negative view of the world.

You might often have difficulty seeing things clearly when life feels challenging. You must try and be as accepting as you can of any hardship you might be going through. Realize that you are not alone, and remember that miracles appear all the time.

Often when you find yourself overwhelmed with worry, you do not see the good things around you. This card asks you to look at what is essential and reminds you not to feel sorry for yourself.

Remember the saying: “This too shall pass.”


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Perseverance

The Five of Pentacles in the blocked position suggests that you have experienced a period of hardship and struggle. It may be that you felt drained and found that you only had enough energy to focus on what was in front of you. Now is the perfect time to examine your values. And see if you are holding on to objects, people, or money, or are you are avoiding something?. Maybe you have a fear of change. If you are in debt, it’s time to focus on getting it cleared. Be careful of any future investments. Don’t take risks at this time.