Card Theme: Conflict
Element: Fire

In The Five of Wands, you see a group of men. They all have wands and seem to be having some battle, or are they playing a game? When you look closer at the card, you can see they are not hitting each other, and no one is getting hurt.

This card indicates disagreements and arguments, often just for the sake of being argumentive.

The Five of Wands speaks of conflicts, competition, and those petty problems that won’t seem to go away. Your need to fight with and win over others needs to come from the right place, but often it appears from a place of fear. For instance, you may feel the need to protect your old patterns of behavior or ideas and even your outdated values that should be dropped rather than defended.

Feelings of inferiority can also cause you to pick fights sometimes, and you might let your ego get the better of you.

It can be challenging to overlook the need to fight or argue with someone, particularly if you feel threatened. Or maybe you love that adrenaline buzz. However, it is essential to keep a lookout for what triggers you in life and ask yourself whether these conflicts are significant enough to continue.

After all, it’s better to use your energy towards a place of inner peace and harmony if possible., Rather than always being in a state of conflict.

Change is a natural part of life, and the more you allow yourself to resist it, the more difficult you will find things to become for you.

A conflict could be inside yourself, or with another person or people, or with something in your surroundings. Through perseverance, courage, patience, and strength of spirit, you will be able to find a place of peace inside yourself and in your environment. However, you will need to take responsibility for any part you have played in a conflict and the future, try to join forces rather than oppose.

The Five of Wands suggests that you need to use all your patience and strength of spirit to see you through your current circumstances. Try to use your competitive spirit to tackle difficult situations. Take full responsibility for your part in any conflicts you have been involved in. In parallel, try to be aware of any unnecessary competitiveness you bring to situations that bring disharmony within yourself or others. Remember in the future to join forces rather than to oppose, as this is likely to gain you tremendous success and is a healthier way to live.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Frustration

Receiving the Five of Wands in this position suggests you may have found yourself in conflict. Ask yourself if you have been quarreling with someone or whether someone has been annoying you. This conflict might also have been inside yourself. You may have unconsciously created this inner battle to prevent yourself from moving forward. And are perhaps now supporting it through fear or confusion of how you can change.