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Four of Swords

Card Theme: Recuperation
Element: Air

A knight is lying on a stone tomb. He has his hands clasped together as if in prayer. Above him are three swords suspended, next to a beautiful stained glass window.

Another one is embedded in the tomb. This Sword symbolizes issues that might be troubling him.

The Four of Swords heralds the need for peace. This card often appears when you have been over-exerting yourself. Maybe you need to take a little time to slow down or stop altogether and recharge your batteries. You may have been in pain, but now you are in the first stage of recovery.

When you take the time to quieten your life, you are more likely to hear your inner voice, which might be trying to advise you on the healthiest path forward. It might be telling you to rest for a while, regroup, and try and learn to enjoy the silence. This can be a battle for most, as there are so many daily distractions in your life.

The Four of Swords predicts that you will be able to find that place of calm and tranquillity. Allowing your mind to rest means you can find a better approach to many life issues – your health, love life, work, etc., with a renewed sense of peace and understanding. Suppose you have been feeling out of sorts or unwell. In that case, The Four of Swords card suggests that you will begin to feel healthy and active again by allowing yourself time for relaxation and tranquility.

Take the time now to recharge your batteries. You may have been through months of challenges. It’s vital that you stay grounded before making any significant changes. If you do this, you will be able to view issues in a more positive light.

Sometimes you might find yourself dwelling and worrying about an issue you have and not taking enough action to change things.

This only seems to increase your agony. It’s time you tried a different tactic, stop running at hundred miles an hour.

Sometimes this card comes up in a reading to show the need to break from a relationship.

Now is the time to learn to unwind so that you are ready for the positive changes that the future will bring. The Four of Swords shows recovery from stress, so the card’s message is to conserve your energy and take that quiet time.

By combining time in your daily life for recovery and recreation, you will maintain this feeling of health and well-being in the future.

The Four of Swords is also known as the card of meditation. If you can meditate, you will reap huge benefits. However, if you find meditating difficult, try having some quiet time to reconnect to your inner self. Take a walk, read a good book, listen to some music, do something just for you.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Caution

The Four of Swords showing up in the Blocked position suggests that you may have been feeling down and just not yourself. This could be a signal that your body is asking you to slow down. Try looking at your problems in a quieter way and on a more honest level.

Perhaps you have been doing something with the wrong motivation.