Card Theme: Truth, Balance
Element: Air

Justice is one of the most straightforward cards to understand at first glance. A woman is seated between two pillars. In her right hand, we see her holding a sword; this is the Sword of logic and decision with which she will inevitably deliver her considered verdict. On the other hand, she is holding scales to weigh up the opposing side of any argument and judge what is right and wrong.

The justice card deals with karma. The message that this card has for you is that a universe is a kind place. Even though on certain days, it might not seem that way.

Whether this is due to karmic law or divine retribution, or simply that people are naturally good, is not shown.

The key to this card is to understand the truth of the past. When you can understand your history and grasp and take responsibility for your past role, you will see the positive manifestation from this card. The card will help you restore your balance in life and give you the courage to put your past behind you.

The Justice card reminds you that you should act ethically, and if you do this, your efforts will come back around to you.

“what goes around comes around.”

And the saying “Treat others as you want people to treat you” comes to my mind.

The Justice card will allow you to feel tranquility and inner peace as the Unierves restores harmony for you.
One of the Justice card’s main aspects is speaking honestly and trusting your instincts with any information. If you find yourself facing a moral predicament, listen to your instincts regarding how you should proceed without compromising your integrity.

This card implies that it is not only you who have to take responsibility for your actions but maybe someone around you.

If you find yourself dealing with a dispute, make sure you are confident that you have all the correct facts. It’s time to make sure you have read any small print on any paperwork.

The Justice card advises you to look hard at how you behave with other people. Are you being honest and treating other people fairly?.

If you can answer no, to this question, then this card shows you that you have the chance to change the way you act.

This card is a reminder that you can right all the wrongs in the end, so why not do this while you can.
The justice card in your reading lets you know that the truth will always come out, and there is nowhere to hide.

If you have done everything possible, crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s. This card suggests a positive result.

If you are about to start on a new relationship or partnership, Justice indicates an excellent match. However, if you are beginning any new businesses, be sure you have examined and agreed on all aspects and terms before moving forward.

The Justice card can indicate an unevenness emotionally or physically, or even both. Take a look at your life?. Are you doing too much?.

Is there peace around you?. It is essential to have stability, both physically and spiritually. The Justice card will help you restore balance with things that are wrong in your life.

It will give you the courage to put the past behind you. This is a card of empowerment.

The Justice card can occasionally mean legal problems. If you are involved with any legal matters, be careful to get all your facts together.

Affirmation: “Having integrity and balance in my life is essential to me. I will aim to create a harmonious life.”


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Injustice

The Justice card in the blocked position can suggest you have been the victim of an unjust situation. Perhaps you feel that you are unable to speak the truth and are feeling overruled. You must find your voice and stay firm in your values and beliefs. Maybe you have been blaming others for your problems.

You may have made poor decisions causing you to feel out of balance, leaving you feeling losing control.