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King of Pentacles

Card Theme: Security
Element: Air of Earth

The King is sitting on his throne. He is holding a Pentacle in his left hand and a scepter in his right. There is a castle. Behind him, this is a symbol of his success and security. The background is gold and orange, reminiscent of late summer.

You might have felt that you have been on a roller coaster ride latterly; you will now begin to see things start to slow down.

Things are about to change for the better, and there is a sense of stability and financial security.

The King of Pentacles represents success. It can symbolize the sort of person who has worked hard. Who shows commitment and diligence in various aspects of their life. This person can make money, ideas work for him without being greedy, bossy, or controlling. He is a dependable person.

This King is truly in control of his life. He can hold to his ideas while at the same time still being firmly grounded in what is essential.

This card tells you that you can achieve success in your life, but many believe that they might not deserve good fortune. The truth is that reality follows belief. It’s essential to believe in your dreams, and then you halfway there. Try replacing negative thoughts about yourself with life-enhancing ones. The King of Pentacles asks you to take stock of these negative thoughts about yourself. They may have been playing over and over in your head for quite a while. It’s like the same record that keeps playing in your head. Take time to see what these thoughts have taken from you.

Believe that you can achieve success in all aspects of your life, and you are well on the way to making this happen for you. All you need is to work hard and see the positive change manifest and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You may find that the reality you have created for yourself started as an idea conceived in your mind many years ago. For example, suppose you believed that money and success would not happen for you, or perhaps you feel you don’t deserve to be loved. In that case, you can find this becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The King of Pentacles tells you that you are worthy and capable of good things just as much as the next person. Try and stop yourself from having any thoughts that may be self-limiting and turn them around to positive, self-affirming ones from now on.

The King of Pentacles suggests that things will start to fall into place. You will find that life can work with you instead of against you, as long as you commit to calmy recognizing these thoughts and then decide to play a different record.

If you depend on another person, then their luck is about to change, and you will benefit from this.

Perhaps you are currently in a relationship, you will feel safe and secure, as you will find that things can only approve at this time. If you had money worries in the past, now put the past behind you leave those worries. Now the time for you to move forward and start to see the benefits that life has to offer.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Mature Masculine

The King of Pentacles in the blocked position can suggest that you may have had to limit thoughts about yourself. Having these thoughts might hold you back in life, which prevents you from achieving the goals you wanted. The King asks you to consider what opinions and beliefs you may have of yourself and your abilities. If you have negative thoughts, this may be the reason you keep finding yourself with issues now. By holding on to these negative thoughts, you will find that you are creating the same future problems.