Card Theme: Mature Masculine
Element: Fire

We see the king of Wands sitting on a throne adorned with salamanders holding a wand in his right hand. There is an air of aristocracy about him. We see another Salamander by his left foot.

The king of Wands represents new opportunities, boldness, and forthrightness. He relates to your creative energy. The king of wands speaks to that part of you that is up for an adventure; he is willing to take risks and inspire his friends to follow. His wisdom and the high standards that he lives by gives him a robust moral code. But you also know that he is a leader and will appear to take risks. He will rarely take uncalculated chances, and everything he does will be measured with common sense. And even though he is a free spirit, he will not judge people on their backgrounds and beliefs.

You can rely on his honesty, intelligence, loyalty, and his great sense of fair-mindedness. When he gives you advice, it is likely to be good. He has an amazingly keen sense of sincerity.

The king of Wands shows you that you can overcome anything you set your mind to. You need to be aware that even if you think that sometimes you are invincible and can achieve anything.

You would be wise to remember no one is all-powerful. Over time you will face knocks in life, and everyone has their Achillie’s heel.

There is now an excellent opportunity for change around you. The determination in this card will help you make the right choices. You have the source of greatness inside you. It’s time to realize it and trust in yourself, allow your drive and enthusiasm and use this time for motivation to move you full steam ahead.

Stagnation is not a word that is in your vocabulary at this time. You feel ambitious and full of drive. Don’t be afraid to consider your options. There is a brighter future for you if you are not afraid to grab it with both hands.

Suppose you think that you might know someone romanticly like the king of Wands. In that case, They may seem great fun, passionate, and highly communicative.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Mature Masculine

The King of Wands in the blocked position suggests that you might have experienced a setback or a delay and frightened to put yourself out feeling that you are not good enough.

You might be scared to come out and stand up for what you believe. Maybe you’re finding it hard to get other people to listen to your point of view.