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Knight of Swords

Card Theme: Young Person
Element: Air

We see a knight in full armor charging forward on his white horse while wielding his Sword. He looks exceptionally focused and determined to get to where he is going. He looks like he is in battle mode; there is a slight air of aggression about him.

This card has forceful energy. This is a powerful card full of motion and has a get-up-and-go attitude. He is always quick to act whatever the situation. The Knight is often guilty of not taking a step back before he charges into a problem. It can often be thoughtless, and he is guilty of thinking about his own needs first before others. He speaks his mind And often believes that he is right and is seen to be argumentive. And enjoys forcing his opinion on other people, even if they haven’t asked for it.

The Knight of Swords is like a rebellious teenager who often wants to fight the world. The Knight of Swords card may represent a part of yourself that you cannot let go of anger or hurt. You may feel that you have a feeling of vulnerability or out of control if you do. This feeling will probably leave you feeling disempowered and suppress some of your energy for life.

But if you can turn this around and learn to harness this energy and use it to your advantage. Setting this energy into positive energy would help you become stronger and enable you to right some of those wrongs in your life. Or even the world and help you gain a stronger voice when you need to speak out.

You could find yourself being able to speak out more compassionately and effectively. The Knight of Swords suggests that you will be able to transform your negative emotions, and you will start to feel more in control. And helping you harness your frustrations will help you improve your life rather than drag it down.

You might find yourself needing to adopt a more adult attitude to life. And find yourself taking responsibility for all the things that you can change and let yourself accept those things that you can not. Try and find a way to cope with your frustrations rather than to allow things to overwhelm and upset you.

This is not easy, but it will help you start to feel more in control, allowing you to better tackle future problems.

On a positive note, this card can suggest a light bulb moment when it feels right to take action and start something moving forward. Once you find yourself contacting the Knight of Swords electric energy, you will discover that nothing will stop you. But pay attention, patience, and planning will be required, as things will move fast, you will feel like you want it all done yesterday, make sure that you don’t find yourself cutting corners to get things done.

It’s essential that you keep your emotions under control during this time and do not allow yourself to be drawn into any conflicts.

As you may find yourself feeling very emotional and somewhat irrational.

As much as you love to be the center of attention and talk a lot, pick your moments carefully. If you are a person who often has the habit of overthinking things, now is the time that you stops sitting on the fence and take action.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme:

The Knight of Swords in the blocked position can suggest that you may have been feeling angry. The Knight indicates that you are delaying things and maybe closing off from people’s emotions. By doing this, you might be creating bad feelings with others. Perhaps some stressful situations in your life have become blown out of proportion, and you find yourself being let down by people.