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Knight of Wands

Card Theme: Mature Masculine
Element: Fire

We see a knight of wands riding on his horse while holding a wand-like weapon in his right hand. He looks ready to start his journey. The Knight is about to ride off into the desert.

This Knight of Wands is the card of action, speed, motivation, and inspiration. He represents impulsiveness. When you draw this card, you may start to feel that things are beginning to move at long last. Those obstacles that you kept coming across are now disappearing, and you will see that a breakthrough is possible. He is bringing good news concerning your work or social like

With the Knight of Wands impulsiveness, it can create a positive way to shake up your life with passion and vibrancy. But be aware of the danger of recklessness, that little part of you that wants to buy things when you know you don’t have the money. Or saying something just because you feel like it, not caring for the consequences, or quitting your job because you’re having a bad day. Be careful that you are not behaving recklessly or irresponsibly.

Sometimes you need to be cautious because excess and overindulgence can often help you escape from your problems briefly but not a solution. In the long run, it will not change your situation.

With this fast movement, you may find a new and more exciting world opening up for you. This might be a welcome to you if you have felt stuck and not knowing which direction to take. This card promises fun and excitement will be just around the corner.

This card can be asking you to throw caution to the wind and think outside the box, and maybe it’s time to come out of your comfort zone.

Choose the time to look at yourself and see you are moving in the right direction. Should you aim to live a more balanced life and move towards security and seek some calculated risks.

It’s necessary to have a balance to create a harmonious life.

The Knight of wands as a person can be aggressive and loves an argument. He is overly confident. When you are dealing with him, you might find yourself feeling intimidated. You must stand your ground and remember you have principles and be true to what you believe in. Ensure that if you find yourself in a difficult situation, you have all the facts before you rush in, as it might require more energy than is needed.

You should be aware of all of your options; it’s a time for creativity, but do beware not to be impulsive.

The Knight of Wands can also indicate a relationship that’s happening perhaps a little too quickly. Try to slow things down a little; if everything is in place, it will flow smoothly and naturally.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Mature Masculine

The Knight of Wands in the blocked position suggests that you may have been reckless or irresponsible. The Knight indicates that you may have difficulty making decisions and feeling frustrated by your lack of progress. Is your life balanced? Are you listening to the true you?.