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Nine of Pentacles

Card Theme: Luxury
Element: Earth

The Nine of Pentacles is the card of luxury and pleasure. You see a sophisticated, elegant woman standing proudly in her vineyard. She is tending her Nine Pentacles; she lays her right hand over one Penticalec protectively. There is a small bird on her raised, gloved hand. In the background, there is a beautiful landscape. Her robes and surroundings seem luxurious, suggesting a decadent lifestyle.

The Nine of Pentacles suggests the pleasure for the more luxurious things in life. It might be that you have come through the other side of a difficult period in your life and are now starting to feel relaxed and hopeful about your future.

This can be welcomed after you may have experienced a certain amount of drama and excitement; life may appear too quiet. This card may come after a period of hard work when you have reached a point of saturation and exhaustion. And need to be rewarded and revitalized.

When you find that you are feeling down or need a boost for yourself, this card is a sign that it is time for you to enjoy the pleasures that the Nine of Pentacles recommends.

Sometimes you might find yourself feeling that the luxuries of life are not as plentiful as you might like and that you deserve more pampering. However, the pleasures of this card can come when we open our eyes to the beautiful world, the sights, smells, tastes, and sounds around us for free. When you open your senses to this more in-depth appreciation of life. You will find yourself feeling happier—appreciating things simply because they are life’s gift to you. You might think that to indulge yourself, you have to spend money, but beauty is all around you if you take the time to notice.

The Nine of Pentacles suggests that you will find great pleasure. And your lifestyle should start to improve, and the burdens you might have been feeling will become less. You will find yourself beginning to appreciate more activities that bring you pleasure and relaxation.

In some cases, this card can suggest physical changes such as a new hairstyle, changing up your closet, or starting a new and healthier lifestyle.

You may feel that you have accomplished a lot, but perhaps the spark has gone out. You might be financially stable and feel fulfilled, but on the other hand, you might find yourself feeling the need for a new challenge. You know your mind and live your life on your terms, and you know what is best for you. Now it’s time to reward yourself if you’re feeling extravagant, and you can afford it; now is the time to reward yourself.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Intrigues

The Nine of Pentacles in the blocked position suggests that you may have been struggling to feel any pleasure or have lost the joy for life. Perhaps you have been too busy and have had no time to appreciate the good things in life. Maybe you have felt that you do not deserve them or might feel a bit down or depressed.

The Nine of Pentacles reminds you that you are worth the beautiful things in life and the need to treat yourself.

You may find that you have become financially dependant on someone, and you feel that you have lost your independence. It s time to figure out how to regain what you have lost.