Card Theme: Child
Element: Water

We see a young man standing by a beach. He is holding a golden cup. As he is about to drink from it, then a fish appears. They seem to be looking at each other playfully. The message is that we should always expect the unexpected. The Page has a very relaxed attitude. He looks pleased with himself.

The Page of Cups signifies a young person, male or female; it could be a son or a daughter, or even a younger sibling, bringing you a message about love. If the card is talking about you. It could be that you have already decided to take an emotional risk, and nothing anyone says to you will discourage you. Are you prepared to give it your total commitment and believe that things will work out?.

It can be seen as the dreamer’s card, someone who has a caring and kind nature. Maybe they have their heads in the clouds. They can be overly sensitive and intuitive, and highly creative when they finally choose to get down to work.

The Page of Cups reminds you to listen to your instinct, gut feelings and allow yourself to follow your heart. It can speak of a new romance. It also symbolizes new beginnings and dreams coming to fruition. He wants you to follow your inner guidance to look for new horizons and be open to possibilities.

This card speaks of emotional intelligence and the ability to be empathetic towards others.

The Page of Cups is an exciting card. As it can represent a spirit of adventure – that magic carpet which can take you wherever you want to go, and to even a place you hadn’t thought about going.

The Page of Cups suggests that you might find yourself developing new and exciting interests or connections. You might discover yourself drawn to new people that are different from you. These people might open doors for you to lead you on an exciting path; you must be open to them and their thoughts.

This card is sometimes known as the card of proposals, not necessarily in the form of marriage. Still, maybe business, friendships, these opportunities could change your life for the better. However, as the Page of Cups is a dreamer, it is wise to weigh up your options before allowing yourself to make any significant decisions. Remember, it’s important not to let your desires override logic and practicality.

The Page of Cups can bring news of pregnancy, birth, marriage, or a happy family get-together. You may find yourself feeling over-emotional at this present time. If you have found yourself dodging certain situations, it’s now time to face up to them. You might be the type of person that finds it hard to show their emotions. You may suddenly find them flowing freely now, and you’re unable to stop them.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme:

When the Page of Cups shows up with a blocked position, it can suggest that you might not have opened up to your feelings and have felt out of touch with your emotions. Perhaps you are not open to new situations and are not actually listening to your gut feeling or trusting your intuition.

You need to unblock any stuck emotions and be more honest with yourself and your feelings. If you do this, you will open doors once again and get back on the right path. On the other hand, maybe you have been having too much fun and only obsessed with your own needs.