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Page of Pentacles

Card Theme: Child
Element: Earth

You see a young man standing alone in a field. Around him are low mountains and trees. The landscape is fertile and full of new growth.

The Page of Pentacles is preoccupied with his pentacle that he is holding in his hands. He is so engrossed that he isn’t taking in his surroundings.

The Page of Pentacles represents the manifestation of dreams and goals. The Page has an interpersonal character. Like the other pages, the Page takes action to make his ideas a reality through learning and application. Even if he does not know everything, there is to know about a subject or an aspect of life. The Page is prepared to try his best and make an effort with the humility of an apprentice.

The Page of Pentacles signifies the importance of your reputation for a successful life. Basically, it’s the quality of one’s being just as important as the quality of one’s work. For the Page of Pentacles, what he does and who he is is one of the same. He represents the balance of your personal and work life. Other people can often tell you things about yourself that you may not want to see, but if you listen, it can help you grow in the long run.

Open yourself up, be honest with yourself about who you really are, rather than adhering to the image you have of yourself. Sometimes that image can serve a purpose, but it might not be based on fact, and it will not necessarily move you forward. Now might be a good time to swallow your pride and work towards becoming the best person you can be.

The Page of Pentacles suggests a financial opportunity or a new journey that may be on the horizon. If you have been working on a new project, you will start to see the benefits of your time and energy coming to fulfillment. This is a perfect time for you to start planning, as there is a powerful energy, and you will find your enthusiasm is exceptionally high.

Often the Page of Pentacles appears when you have spent too much time daydreaming about something and not taking enough action.

You have an ambitious streak and a strong desire to achieve more in your life. Now is the time to take your projects and ideas and move them forward and into that reality.

Whatever happens, it’s time to be ready for change. You could find yourself connecting with your inner child and looking for a new and different lifestyle.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Child

The Page of Pentacles in the blocked position suggests you may have experienced some damage to your reputation. Maybe you have been lazy, unmotivated, or found yourself uninterested in things around you. You might receive some unwelcome news regarding finances or property.

This card in the blocked position can also suggest a person with a sense of entitlement. Which you may find is actually helping themselves to what might be yours: while this is not necessarily theft, they are behaving in an underhand way.

You need to be observant and watch out for your future.