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Page of Swords

Card Theme: Child
Element: Earth from the suit of Air

We see a young man standing on a rocky hill. He is holding his Sword raised in both hands, and he looks like he is ready to fight if asked. The landscape seems windswept. There is a single tree bent from the wind, and the clouds are low and billowing.

The Page of Swords is an intelligent young man who is kind and thoughtful. The Page of Swords represents an apprenticeship of some kind. He loves to learn and has a hunger for adventure and tackling new things. You might find yourself in situations that you don’t understand or situations where you do not feel that you have the tools required to deal with them. But it would help if you remembered that most of the resources you need could be found within yourself. These tools that we have will help you be able to face any challenges.

The Page of Swords asks you to take an honest look at your life and see things you might not understand or feel you are well not equipped to deal with. You must acknowledge the real problems and tackle them with the respect that they deserve. You might very well find yourself thinking about studying something new.

This Page is willing to fight his corner if he feels that an injustice has been served. The Page of Swords could also be a person who will argue with extreme passion, even if he is wrong. If there was an injustice, this card could suggest you will not leave any stone unturned to find out the truth. Although the Page is sensitive, he can be ruthless when he finds himself standing up for others’ rights.

The Page of Swords can sometimes be a little wishy-washy. The Page can change his mind from day to day. Even though he is highly driven, he often finds it challenging to stay focused on his goals. He gets very easily distracted. However, once he finds himself on the right path, you will find him fully committed. It is a time that you should be aware of.

One of The Pages of Swords messages might indicate that there might be a delay in circumstances or that there is a feeling of some disappointment around you at present. The Page of Swords also suggests that people around you will be helpful, but pay attention to people around you and what they say.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme:

The Page of Swords in the blocked position can suggest that you might have found yourself facing a situation that you were not prepared for or did not understand. Are you having trouble getting it together? If you find yourself receiving the news at the moment, be aware that it might not be reliable.