Card Theme: Child
Element: Fire

This card shows a smartly dressed young man who is standing sideways. He is holding a wand in both hands. He seems to be studying the top of his wand, looking at the tiny growing buds. He is standing in a sandy desert with pyramids in the background.

The Page of Wands is a free spirit, and he’s fun-loving. He is a good friend but doesn’t like being bound by rules or responsibilities. We see him looking into the distance. He is ready for adventures and excitement. If something is happening, he is the first to say count me in. It’s often easier to say No to things than Yes, and sometimes it’s more sincere to say nothing at all. This Page of Wands suggests that you should say yes to life and enjoy the amazing things that the world offers you. The page of wands indicates that by saying Yes, you will be able to change problems just with that three-letter word. By doing this, you will start to feel lighter and open and, in turn, becoming happier, and that will leave you with a more elevated sense of fulfillment. It’s a knock-on effect.

The Page of Wands is a very positive card and is the messenger of good news about a project or a situation.

The Page of Wands asks you how open are you to adventure and maybe getting outside your comfort zone. There is an urge to be spontaneous when you draw this card. If you have been feeling trapped, things are likely to change. A new phrase is about to begin, which will give you a new lease of life, allowing you to feel energized and ready to take on anything. This card is asking you to get prepared for action.

Suppose you have been dealing with difficult times. If that is the case, you will start to see an improvement. As issues that once seemed daunting will begin to get resolved, and you will find yourself in a more active and definitive phase in your life.

Possible a new love interest or a person is going to come into your life.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Child

The Page of Wands in the blocked position can suggest delays, Or you may have turned down new opportunities. And found yourself feeling out of touch with your emotions. Maybe you have ignored your intuition and found yourself unable to make decisions, leaving you feeling lost and confused.