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Queen of Cups

Card Theme: Mature, Feminine
Element: Water

The Queen of Cups sits upon her throne on a small sand piece with her robe flowing. She is seated, surrounded by water. She is holding a cup with an ornate lid on it; the handles are angle wings. She is gazing closely as if she could see inside it. The sky is blue and cloudless.

The Queen of Cups represents the kind of person who is filled with love. The Queen of Cups indicates a loving person and unconditional support and affection; we all need this to grow.

The Queen would react to someone’s hatred by seeing only the good in that person.

She reminds you that you can not command love or try and control it. But it needs to start within you because if you can’t love yourself, you will find it hard to love others.

The Queen of Cups is a card of emotional stability. Suggesting that whatever you might have been through in the past is just that. It’s in the past, and you can now relax. All past emotional upheavals are behind you, and you should start to feel more confident and strong.

Often, you might be able to compare this card to your mother or maybe to yourself. For example, if you are a mother, your children could be seeking advice or guidance from you.

You might find yourself in an atmosphere surrounded by absolute love. This could be precisely what you need right now if you have been through a difficult time.

The Queen of Cups chooses her friends very carefully, but she makes them friends for life.

When this card appears, you might find yourself having to deal with emotional problems, or someone around you might need your support.

You are trustworthy and kind, you have learned from your past experiences, and you can give them advice from a loving place. The Queen of Cups asks you to try and see the deeper meaning behind people’s challenging behavior. Often, when people misbehave, that action can be a cry for help and not attack you personally.

The Queen of Cups is an intuitive card. And it reminds you to listen to your inner feelings. You are a natural healer. First, however, it would help if you were open to letting your feelings come to the surface. By doing so, you will realize how powerful these emotions are.

If you have to make any meaningful decisions, make sure you are tunning into what truly feels right and not just what you want to be correct. Sometimes you can find yourself bringing too much logic into a situation, which only causes more turmoil. Its time

to trust your intuition.

In life, we often forget that we should reciprocate it as much as possible when we receive love. By doing this, we should be taking one step closer to creating a more loving and caring world.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Mature Female

The Queen of Cups in the blocked position can suggest. Perhaps a loving relationship that might have gone bad. Or maybe someone who is having issues expressing emotions. It advises you to be careful with who you share your secrets with. Perhaps you have been treated unkindly. It helps if you protect yourself from people who are acting up around you.

The Queen is asking you to see the deeper meaning behind some of these unfair actions of others.