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Queen of Pentacles

Card Theme:
Element: Earth

You see the Queen of Pentacles sitting upon her throne; she is holding and gazing at a large Pentacle. And the landscape looks inviting and representing the abundance of Mother Earth.

The Queen of Pentacles personifies the wonderful mother. She is the kind of person that is always there for you; in times of need, insecurity, and anxiety, she is still ready with a hug and a shoulder to cry on and never judgmental. If you are seeking support, she is always waiting in the wings to offer you comfort.

For the Queen of Pentacles, showing love, support, and giving sound common sense are the most important qualities a person can have.

She is the kind of person that will drop everything to help you. Never questioning, never watching the clock, and indeed she would never resent being there for you. The Queen always has your best interests at heart.

She may be someone that you look up to and respect.

The Queen of Pentacles suggests you will find generous support. And with this support, it will become easier for you to reach your goals and move ahead with your life.

The Queen advises you to take an honest look at your circumstances and ask yourself, “What can I do on my own” and ” What do I need help with”

It can be enormously gratifying to know that you have achieved things on your own. Still, by doing so, you might be tempted to think that you are self-sufficient and don’t need help from others. Often admitting that you need help is seldom easy, but letting yourself struggle alone is worse.

When you find yourself able to offer unconditional support to people around you who might need it, do it. Remember whatever goes around comes around.,

By being able, to be honest with yourself about needing help. Will enable you to become closer to those around you. And it will at least show you who your real friends are. When you find yourself in an atmosphere that people feel comfortable reaching out and helping one another rather than just themselves. You will start to be amazed at just how much the world can seem a better place.”One for all and all for one.’

The Queen of Pentacles is a benevolent woman with a regal and excellent bearing. She appreciates money and its worth but does not worship it. She is a generous woman who is fantastic at managing the practical and financial areas of her life. She maybe a sensual woman who loves her body and enjoys creature comforts.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Selfish

The Queen of Pentacles in the blocked position can suggest that you need support. Perhaps things have not been going the way you wanted them to lately. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Maybe someone has asked for your support, and perhaps you have been too busy to offer them comfort or help? The Queen of Pentacles suggests that you rethink your priorities.

The Queen may represent someone who is trying to obstruct your efforts. She might be a superficial person who is only pretending to want to help you. Or the emotional price for her help might be high. She might want to control everything. She may lack confidence and try to overcompensate.

This card could be describing a situation where caution is due and advises you to be careful who you trust.