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Seven of Cups

Card Theme: Day Dreaming
Element: Water

We see a dark figure standing before Seven Cups that appear floating in their own billowing clouds. Six Cups are filled with either positive or negative items except for one cup covered with a cloth.

The Seven of Cups depicts a world of indulgence and temptation. Where all your fantasies can actually come true, and all your desires are met. It can signify a time where you will have great potential along with the energy to use it.

But pay attention. This could easily lead to regret if you allow fantasy to overcome reality. It is also the card of the dreamer. There is a saying, “If things look too good to be true, then they probably are”

You might find yourself having a conflict between your dreams and fears at this time. Now is the time not to rush into any decisions. As your judgment may be clouded, you will only find yourself seeing what you choose to see instead of weighing up the pros and cons of a situation.

The Seven Cups are about choices, and often when you find yourself with too many options, you feel confused.

In contrast, the Seven of Cups brings the potential for fantastic opportunities. You may find yourself not knowing what’s assessable or what is not, as everything seems up in the air, just like the cups themselves on the card.

The card can have an ultimate meaning that you might find yourself living for today and not thinking about consequences that might arise tomorrow.

Sometimes, the Seven of Cups shows up when you have a feeling of boredom in your life. You may feel the need to let go of some of the structures and rules that you have. Sometimes this is may be necessary and will leave you feeling rebalanced.

This card suggests that you might find yourself faced with challenges or face something you know is wrong. Take the time to step back, clear your head, allow yourself to think clearly. Then regather your thoughts before making that next move.

Making the wrong decision will have long-term consequences.

If you are thinking about having an affair, you need to rethink as you will get caught.

The Seven of Cups is the visionary card and can show the beginnings of a new project where anything is possible.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Logic

The Seven of Cups in the blocked meaning suggest much the same as the upright meaning, but it can also indicate that you may have over-indulged. Maybe you are not following the rules and structure that you are supposed to. It would help if you were totally aware that you don’t find yourself romanticizing a situation to avoid a complicated truth. This is not the right time for commitment. It would help if you stayed away from any drama and take a step back. If you find yourself feeling uncertain, remain calm while evaluating the choices confronting you.