Card Theme: Nostalgia
Element: Water

In the Six of Cups, You see a young boy talking to a girl in the village square. He gives her a cup filled with flowers; in a display of friendship. You can see another Cup standing behind him, and four others stand in a line before them. This card, to me, has an innocent natural feel to it. It refers to those sentimental memories of the past. They can be comforting memories, ones that you can use and take forward to better your future. Knowing that you have been happy in the past sets the ground to enhance your ability to be satisfied and content in the future.

The Six of Cups is a card of good intentions. Everything is right in your world. You may be experiencing feelings connected to your past, which leave you feeling calm and settled. These feelings might help you shed light on your future.

Your relationships appear to be healthy, and there is an air of stability around you. You have been able to overcome obstacles from the past. The six of cups is about showing compassion and kindness, so if you have suffered ill-treatment, the situation is about to improve,

The Six of Cups reminds you of all the kind things that we do for each other. It’s the small things that often bring a smile to someone. Today when you turn on the news, all you hear is doom and gloom, and it’s easy to forget those small gestures or even remember that you do live in a kind and caring world. The Six of Cups can remind you of your childhood and those happy memories.

Choosing the environment you live in and surrounding yourself with people you want helps you create a healthy and positive attitude towards life. In turn, being around positive people allows you to take on their positive energy. I always find it necessary to mix with people that make me feel good about myself. It might be a time for you to branch out and a good time to find a new group of friends if the people around you are negative.

This is a card that talks about good things coming from your past. You may feel the need to message or call an old friend. Doing so could make all the difference to them, as they might be feeling neglected.

Old friendships or loves my rekindle under the influence of the Six Of Cups. You may find that someone you haven’t seen for a very long time suddenly reappears in your life. Look back on your past in a positive light. In some ways, your history may return to help you with the present. You may find talking over old conversations and reminiscing will allow you to see how far you have come and all the peace you have found.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Lethargic

The Six of Cups in the blocked position suggests that you may have felt the need for love and kindness. Still, perhaps the people you have been mixing with are an unhealthy group. Their negativity is rubbing off on you.

Maybe you are looking at the past with founder memories that it deserves. And your finding yourself locked in the past and avoiding moving forward.