The Major Arcana


Card Theme: Balance
Element: Fire

The Archangel Micheal is standing at the edge of a lake. He has one foot supported on a rock and is dipping the other in the water. He is holding two chalices and pouring water from one to the other. It is a beautiful, tranquil landscape. You can see in the distance that the Sun is rising over the mountains.

The Temperance card has the simplest of messages — moderation in all things. Granting Temperance into a situation will help you bring balance and harmony into your life. It can mean that you should try and show restraint in your behaviors and feelings.

Maybe you often find that you’re caught up in situations, often with powerful emotions. As exciting as this may seem at the time, does it get you anywhere?.

Probably not in the long run. To temper, something is to take it to make it softer.

The Temperance card asks you to look at your life and see if you are taking a delicate approach. Instead of forcing things to happen, it asks you to use gentle coaxing when dealing with people and to have patience.

You may be toying with new ideas and trying to turn them into reality. Take your time before committing to final decisions. Maybe like the Temperance card, you need to dip your toe into the water before you overextend yourself.

If you have the option to test the water, then it’s highly recommended that you do so. Having patience is a virtue, but don’t wait too long before you make a decision. Sometimes too much thinking and not enough action can only delay what is right for you.

The Temperance card in a reading can suggest that you will now find yourself with a calmer nature.

If you are involved with a dispute, you will now achieve a resolution or, at the very best, come to come to a compromise. You might be overdoing things and working too hard, and you now will find peace and relaxation.

The Temperance card reminds you that you are most productive when you are in a peaceful state of mind. It would help if you found balance as soon as you start to feel things around you getting out of control.

Temperance is the card of balance. Instead of extremes, this card says find that middle ground; and by doing this, you will find that your reactions or desires are no longer controlling you. Instead, you can find a gentle flow in your life. Allowing you to live in harmony rather than turmoil.

There is a positive air about the Temperance card. You may have experienced distressing challenges from the past, but you have learned so much on a personal level. It’s a sign that you have been able to come to terms with past events. You have learned something valuable. these experiences will lead to you being able to make better, intelligent choices.

With this increased self-confidence from dealing with past turmoil, you will find that now you have the strength and the emotional tools to face almost anything.

You will have a quiet, gentle confidence about yourself during this time. Whatever you chose to do, listen to your intuition for the right guidance.

Often in Tarot decks, Temperance is portrayed by the Archangel Micheal; he is the angel of protection. If you have had issues with your health, things should get better. Now is the time to make yourself a priority.

Looking after others is good, but you mustn’t ignore your own needs.

You have a big kind heart, but remember to have balance in your life and love yourself.

Now is the time to put yourself at the top of the most critical person list and learn to say No to those who will try and take advantage of your good nature.

Affirmation: “I will embrace calm and find balance in my life.”


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Unbalanced

The Temperance card in the blocked position shows imbalance and unfairness. This card can show that you have been struggling with change. You might have been through a period of turmoil, and this turbulence may have been generated by someone else. Or maybe you found yourself following your passions rather than passion. In this position, painful old memories can resurface and hold you back. Look at what you need in this present moment and what you have instead of what you don’t have.