Card Theme: Responsibility
Element: Fire

A man struggles to walk towards a town while carrying Ten heavy Wands on his back. We see he is bent over slowly carrying his heavy load as he shuffles tiredly towards his home. The man looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

When the Ten of Wands appears, it reminds you that you are doing too much without a doubt. And the responsibilities and commitments you have undertaken are taking their toll. You might feel that there is no pleasure in your life. All work and no play can certainly apply to your life at this time.

Maybe you’re finding it hard to say No to people. And certain people will take advantage of and expect more and more from you. You seem so capable to others that your responsibilities continue to grow, which adds stress and troubles for you.

It’s time you stopped and looked at your lifestyle choices. If you continue to ignore the pressures around you, then it might start to affect your health.

The Ten of Wands asks you to notice where in your life you are feeling burned out. You must try and find a balance so that no one area of your life weighs upon you too much. If you’re taking on too much, Stop, take a breath, and then objectively look at the situation. Ask yourself: ” Is this something I need to take on?”

It would help if you learned to unburden yourself and find a more comprehensive balance in your life. Perhaps you will find the inner strength to say No to others who are used to taking advantage of you.

Alternatively, look at your problems differently: try and remember why you took on the commitment first, making the load slightly more comfortable to bear.

When life feels like a struggle, you need to recognize that you are in charge and have the power to change things. Harsh words may be spoken; sometimes, these can help you face the truth and release any pressure. You must be generous to yourself. And find a way that allows you time to unwind.

The Ten of Wands relates to the burden of responsibility. Maybe you think you should be doing more and feel you are not doing enough. These feelings can come from guilt or fear of failure when it is often far from the truth.

Doing things for the wrong reason can result in you leading an inauthentic life. It becomes increasingly challenging to be replenished, and then you find yourself spiraling downwards till you are burnt out.

The Ten of Wands can remind you how you allow other people to dump their baggage onto you, particularly their emotional problems. Often this becomes a problem, and other people’s issues become so ingrained in your psyches that you usually stop distinguishing between different people’s issues and your own.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Re-evaluation

The Ten of Wands in the blocked position suggest almost the same as the upright meaning.

Have you have been feeling weighed down. Perhaps you have been taking on too much or have been under unnecessary responsibilities.

The burdens that you have been carrying may have a detrimental effect on you. It’s time to slow down, lighten up a little and try and take some of the pressure off yourself

you don’t need to be perfect.