The Major Arcana

The Empress

Card Theme: Nurturing
Element: Earth

The Empress looks relaxed on a chair; she is propped up comfortably by cushions. A lush green landscape surrounds her; there is a waterfall behind her. The Empress represents the bounty of Mother Earth. She looks incredibly relaxed. She is wearing a loose-fitting gown, which implies that she is might be pregnant, symbolizing new life and new beginnings. The Empress rules her Domaine in a feminine way. She is feminine power in all its rich brilliance.

The Empress is both compassionate and accepting. She believes that the way to get through to people is through nurture and caring.

She urges you to look at your own life and the way you treat others.

Do you find that you always act with compassion and understanding?.

This is a card of abundance, the card of plenty, a time for growth and beauty.

The Empress loves beautiful things and does all she can to create a peaceful and loving environment.

When the Empress turns up, it is often to remind you that taking time to act in a considerate way should be a necessary part of your life. Not only once a week or month but every day.

When you give love to yourself and others, you will find yourself feeling fulfilled.

If you find that you are getting frustrated with people around you, remember, you don’t need to change them. You need to learn to give them love. This love also applies to yourself. It’s important to Love yourself and treat yourself with compassion.

If you’re unable to love yourself, how can you love others.?

The Empress will often share her ideas with others, even if her opinion has not been asked. She is nurturing and motherly. However, she can sometimes overstep the mark, not realizing that she can be overbearing and domineering.

You may feel overprotective of your family and friends. And you may often find that you are the voice of reason. You may find yourself constantly trying to be the peacemaker to prevent family disharmony.

But be sure that your advice and opinions are wanted before you voice them so that you don’t get accused of interfering.

This card can show that now the timing is perfect for planting the seeds for your future growth; maybe a new adventure could be on the horizon. Even if you do not feel ready for a significant change, there is no harm in seeking advice or letting the Universe know your thoughts.

Taking the first steps is necessary. The energy around you at this time is contagious, and you have an air of confidence. The Empress suggests that whatever you choose to put your mind to will lead to something special.
The Empress loves the good life and having a good time; for her, this is not about being extravagant, but she does it through love.

However, do not allow people to become dependant on you. This could cause you to become overwhelmed with other people’s problems, and by doing so, take on their negative energy.

Like the Empress, you can create anything you want.

Because this card is related to fertility, it can indicate motherhood, pregnancy, or birth. It’s also a great card to connect with marriage and commitment.

Affirmation: ” I will love myself just as I am.”


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Infertility

The Empress in the blocked position suggests that you or someone around you may feel the need for compassion or support. Or perhaps you were not treating yourself as well as you could have. Kindness may not make a problem go away, but it will undoubtedly make it easier.

Maybe you have a creative block in your projects.