The Major Arcana

The Fools

Card Theme: Beginnings
Element: Air

A young man is standing on the edge of a cliff. Over his shoulder, he is carrying all his possessions that are tied in a bundle. He is walking seemingly without a care in the world, ready for an adventure.

His little dog is barking and trying to get his attention and alert him to the danger that lies ahead.

The Fool appears when you are ready for a change. He represents the treasured innocents you once felt and that side of you that could move through life without worries and with total openness.

In medieval times the Fool was the court Jester, someone free to be spontaneous and imaginative. He was often laughed at for being naive and honest, but he would get the last laugh because these qualities nurtured him and brought him joy.

The Fool reminds you to find that childlike simplicity and can advise against being too cynical.

The fool card’s energy implies changes are ahead, and these changes might have a slight risk element. Or maybe your feeling indecisive about making a decision. But now might be the right time for you to make significant changes. You are now ready to throw caution to the wind, and like the Fool, take that leap of faith.

Maybe you feel that you have been stuck in a routine, now is the time to leave your comfort zone and sizes new opportunities.

The Fool has high ambitions and is looking forward to the next part of his journey and whatever life will throw at him. However, it may be that you feel blinded by the positive aspects of what might lie ahead; you must take the time to weigh up all of your options.

The Fool’s journey is full of potential, but how you handle your options can decide whether this has a positive or negative outcome in your life.

The Fool encourages you to confront your fears, which you are often reluctant to do. Still, it would help if you tried to overcome them to benefit your emotional and physical well-being.

The Fool is here to signal that you could be about to experience a new beginning or just a change of direction in your life. This could lead you onto a path of high adventure and incredible personal growth.

Suppose you are facing a decision or just having a moment of doubt. In that case, this card reminds you of the importance of believing in yourself and following your heart.

You may be likely to feel impulsive and looking for new challenges. Now can be an exciting and adventurous time in your life, but make sure you are ready for what may lay ahead.

But one sure thing: you are ready for change, look out for those new opportunities and be open to starting this new journey.

Affirmation: I will trust in the Universe, and I am ready for change


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Resistance

The Fool can suggest that you may change direction without forethought or planning. Not being equipped for this new change in direction could leave you in a predicament and feel stuck and confused about how you can get out of this situation and move on.

Maybe this happened through naivety. You may now need to take a step back and start again using more mindful reflection and better judgment.