The Major Arcana

The Hermit

Card Theme: Solitude
Element: Earth

We see an old bearded Hermit standing on top of a mountain, alone with only his stick and his lantern to keep him company. Inside the lamp is a shining star, a symbol of guidance to light the way ahead. He rests himself on his stick as he considers his next move.

This card is a straightforward card and easy to understand. It shows the traditional image of a Hermit, who withdraws from everyday life to be alone and discover a deeper meaning.

The card indicates a time for personal contemplation. It is a card of needing peace and offers you a chance to take stock of where and who you are. Sometimes, being alone is the only time you can find the answers. In this day and age, you find yourself being pulled in a million and one directions.

It is a card requiring time-out and giving you the chance to think and regroup if you feel overwhelmed by everyday life pressure.

And by other people’s demands on you, it’s time to take a step back and urge them to find their path, one that isn’t putting strains on you. By stepping back, you will be able to discover a clearer perspective.

It’s time to listen to the Hermit and take a leaf out of his book.

Now is the time in your life when answers you are looking for can not be found in the material world.

You can only find the changes you need by looking inwards. Perhaps you have been searching outside yourself to find answers to your problems. However, the Hermit tells you that the answers you are looking for are, in fact, within, and looking anywhere else will make you lose sight of who you really are.

The Hermit is asking you to study and really take your time before making any decisions. There is no urgency, don’t do anything in haste at this time.

The Hermit understands that you can be easily manipulated by other people. You might often find yourself listening to their opinions, even if they are not right for you. The best way to discover who you are is to spend time in solitude. To learn to rediscover yourself. Sometimes, this can be difficult; other people often do not recognize this transformation or want to accept this change in you.

But you must listen and take time to grow into the person you are meant to be.

The term “soul searching ” is often linked to The Hermit. It can become a time of revaluation and of where you are in your life right now.

Are you where you want to be ?.

Perhaps you have taken on too much lately?.

This card can also relate to studying and the ability to lose yourself in something that takes your interest.
The Hermit card suggests that you are wise beyond your years. Like an Old soul. If you were to stop and take a look at your life right now, do you need to find some balance?.

Are you doing things just to please others, only to find yourself feeling burnt out and exhausted?.

This is now a great time to reflect and if you’re not already doing it, learn to meditate.

One thing is sure you need to have space and just time for yourself. Try and change your scenery, take a long walk in the park, the forests, or beach `Read, listen to music, and most importantly, listen to what your body really needs. Learn to love your own company.

Affirmation: “I will take time out for myself and acknowledge my own needs.”


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Antisocial

The Hermit in the blocked position can suggest you might have had a lot going on, and you have lost sight of yourself. You may have wasted time looking outside yourself for answers. When, in fact, the answers are really within you. You may have displayed poor leadership. And have yet to learn from your past mistakes.

This is the card of that judgmental person who is, in fact, more interested in their own objectives than supporting you.

The Hermit can show that you have been given poor advice or have taken the wrong decision. Maybe you have been ignoring problems hoping that by doing so, they will go away.