The Major Arcana

The Strength

Card Theme: Fortitude
Element: Fire

The Strength card shows a woman dressed in white. Which is a symbol of innocence. She is gently and calmly holding open the mouth of a lion. The lion is looking up at her with trust. They are not struggling. She stays in control by keeping her position, symbolized by the infinity sign over her head.
The strength card is not necessarily about physical strength; instead, it’s about the inner strength you need to overcome those obstacles in life.

The image of the lion on this card is appropriate because strength is often linked to courage. The lion has no problem being brave as it knows it has the power to handle most situations.

Strength is one of the essential human characteristics that we can possess. I see compassion, integrity, and wisdom also of great importance.

Still, without the strength of will and character to see you through, you have nothing. You can endure and then overcome difficulties in your life.

The Strength card appears when you believe that you have no idea how to control circumstances around you. If you have felt the need to bite your tongue or the opposite to lash out at someone, this card reminds you that you need to have control.

There are two sides to this card. Are you seen coming across as overly passive or maybe too aggressive?. You might find that it’s more effective to use a gentle hand than a mighty push?.

The Strength card urges you to find the appropriate level of energy to handle circumstances that confront you. You might often need to act with grace and sensitivity rather than using brute force.

The Strength card represents feminine energy and compassion, and kindness. Maybe you have recently experienced a situation in which you had to be strong, not just for yourself but for others around you. This is an excellent card for leadership, as it shows that you are ready to take on challenges.

Strength shows you taking an idea and expanding on it.

This card reminds you that finding your inner strength is sometimes the most difficult challenge you can face. The power to believe in yourself to follow your dreams and think that you have the right to be happy can be challenging.

Now is the time to balance your characteristics; if you feel angry, find some way to let go of that anger.
If you are feeling scared, look for ways to overcome it.

There is a clear message – you don’t need to worry. Everything that you need to build a better life is actually within you.

Now is the time to take on those difficulties, even the ones that you have been putting off.

It would help if you acknowledged that you are strong enough to face your fears, but this will not happen straight away. It’s not going to be an overnight fix. It’s alright to take baby steps towards your goal. Take things day by day if that’s what feels more comfortable for you. You will start to see yourself becoming more confident and fearless in all that you do.

I love the air of accomplishment that surrounds the Strength card. It gives you a sense and awareness of your self-worth.

This card’s appearance is a positive sign that you have all the qualities needed to meet challenges head-on. You prosses all the inner strength and courage to endure and come out on top of situations; believe in yourself and that inner power to access these qualities when they are required.

Even when it seems like people are scheming against you.No matter what life puts in front of you, it’s what’s inside that will pull you through.

Affirmation: ” I have the inner strength to handle any obstacles life throws at me.”


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Weakness

The strength card in the blocked position symbolizes that you may lack inner strength and avoid conflicts and decision-making. Are you disregarding your instincts? or letting fear get the better of you?. By avoiding things, you are holding yourself back.

Strength reversed is a clear message about weakness, so be aware that you don’t overthink situations. This can be more exhausting than confrontation.