Card Theme: Illumination
Element: Fire

In a sunny walled garden, a naked baby is riding a white horse representing innocence and joy. The sunflowers and the banner that he is carrying signifies happiness, strength, and growth. There is an enormous sun that shines brightly and is sustaining everything below.

I find that The Sun is one of the happiest cards in the Tarot deck, offering love, growth, and happiness.

The light on The Sun card can be used as a metaphor for the truth. When people say: “They can see the light,” they mean that you are now able to can see the truth in a situation. Sometimes, you hear people say that they have become Enlightened. It suggests they have achieved a level of understanding.

The Sun is known as the most significant light source and, therefore, a powerful symbol of knowledge and understanding. It is important to recognize it. Ignorance can be bliss, but having knowledge is power.

Often only when you find that you understand a situation do you find that you then have the power to transform it and get what you want from it.

The Sun card is welcome in any reading. There may be good news of a pregnancy or an engagement, a wedding, or just a celebration that brings family and friends together.

The Sun shows a happy time for family matters, especially if you have children. You will find that your family life will run smoothly, and those recent dramas will be now be resolved.

If you have been experiencing a rough patch, this card has shown up at the right time. This is the card of breakthrough, and once the cloud has cleared, you will see things for what they are—allowing you to move forward and start to achieve your goal. And once you’re ready to see your current situation clearly for what it is, you will then be able to act in a more enlightened way.

At long last, you will find that your hard work and efforts will start to pay off. In a reading, the Sun Card is letting you know, everything around you is becoming brighter. And life is less stressful.

The healing rays of the Sun relate to good health, and if you have had any concerns about health problems, the outlook is good. This card suggests that the problem has been dealt with or is under control.

When you find yourself channeling the Sun’s influence and energies, you could find yourself getting carried away with its optimistic energy. Make sure to look at all perspectives of a decision.

Remember that if you stay out in the Sun for too long, you might get burnt. So while you enjoy the positive energy around you, do be mindful that sometimes too much of a good thing can have a negative effect.

You may find you have an air of confidence about yourself at this time, and your energy levels are high.

If you plan on starting a new project, then now is the perfect time to set things in motion. Opportunities should begin to fall into place with minimal effort for you. The Sun is associated with greatness and achievement. So when this card shows up in a reading, it’s a positive reminder that you too can be brilliant, and now is your time to shine.

Affirmation: “My future is full of the abundance I deserve.”


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Discontentment

To me, the Sun in the blocked position is still as cheerful as it is in its upright form. The only glitch could be that you may be feeling dis-empowered or disappointed in some or many aspects of your life. Maybe you were faced with decisions but found they were difficult to make because of the lack of facts available to you. So perhaps you made poor choices.