Card Theme: Destruction
Element: Fire

The Tower is on fire; having been struck by lightning, dark clouds arise from the building. Two people are falling from the building to the ground. A crown that once sat upon the top of the Tower is seen blown up into the darkness. Everything seems to be out of control.

The meaning of the Tower card is simple but often an unsettling one. It stands for dramatic upheaval and change. The card is describing a sense of destruction. For those of you who find change hard, this will not be a welcome card, as sometimes change can come too quickly, not allowing you the time you might need to get used to the idea of it.

It can be unexpected and abrupt, and without warning. However, sometimes, you need to be jolted up to be given that wake-up call, even though it may not feel that way as it is happening.

When the Tower card appears, the impact is often quick and can be devastating. Take a closer look at the card. You will see that the Tower does not have firm foundations. And as you know, if things aren’t built on firm foundations, they will eventually collapse.

You are likely facing a situation that is causing you concern. Whatever is going on in your life right now is probably a disaster waiting to happen. Maybe you have been unwilling to see this., Even though that little voice in the back of your head has been trying to alert you.

It is important to focus on the positive. Whatever has changed will now give you a new sense of newfound independence and excitement.

The presence of the Tower can suggest that you will face powerful and positive changes. Maybe you noticed a stagnant feeling in the air, the calm before the storm. If the storm comes, welcome it, see what you can do to make those changes yourself. When the Tower card turns up, you should not accept a smooth ride, but remember how much calmer things are after a storm.

It may be that nothing has any importance in your life at the moment. In which case, maybe you need to take a look at something that is causing you a conflict. Are you doing something that takes way too much effort on your part for no personal gain? Either emotionally or physically?.

The Tower can hit you, so suddenly it can be in the breakdown of a relationship, an idea, a dream, an organization. This is inevitable and is due to forces way beyond your control. The Tower can also represent one’s shattered ego, so you might find yourself feeling defenseless and confused.

But you will need to surrender to the Tower’s energy and work on excepting the actual shift in awareness that it has to offer you.

The Tower predicts that something will break if you do not deal with a problem and do not take action. Now is not a good time to bury your head in the sand. The quicker you take action, the less impact that the Tower will have when it falls.

The Tower card advises you to be prepared for and to try and welcome these dramatic changes in your circumstances. You must recognize you are a creature of habit, and much of your misery comes from a resistance to change. This is unfortunate as change is one of the life certainties.

The Tower can be a cleansing card. If you can be flexible and try to see the positive side of change. If you can, you will be more likely to find inner peace.

When necessary change occurs, you can look back on the experience and see the lessons you have learned. You will see that your whole outlook on life will change. It may have been an extremely challenging period. But, these lessons you have learned will far exceed any negatives.

Take a deep breath and look at the opportunities around you to make something good come out of this situation. Your Karmic account has now been rebalanced, and you will be more competent and capable of getting things right in the next stage of your life.

Often the Tower needs to fall to be able to rebuild and start over. And with the Tower gone, you can begin to see how the future is going to unfold. And what you can build next with stronger foundations.

Affirmation: “I will embrace the positive change and challenges i might face”


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Precaution

When The Tower card comes up in the blocked position, you may find yourself taking responsibility for something even when you are not to blame. Maybe you’re holding on to a career, project, or even a relationship that isn’t strong enough to stand the test of time. The collapse of the Tower is inevitable. So don’t feel responsible for these forces that are outside of your control.