The Major Arcana

The World

Card Theme: Enlightenment
Element: Earth

One of the most positive cards of the Major Acarina. The World card signals success and completion that your goals have been achieved. We see a woman dancing inside a laurel wreath.

This signifies The World as a cycle that has now been completed. And a new phase is about to begin. The Four figures surrounding her are the same as those on the Wheel of Fortune, representing the Four elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

The world can signify completion or, in some cases, going full circle. It indicates a state of inner happiness and peace. You have that feeling that everything is finally coming together, and the struggle is over. Having The World at your fingertips means having everything you could want, which gives you a feeling of being self-contained and content.

In reality, satisfaction is not just about the things you have but also about how you feel. A poor man may feel content with just having enough food for his meal and a place to sleep each day, while a rich man may no peace no matter how much money he has. The World card reminds you that it is important to appreciate what you have in your life, rather than believing that you have to have more to be happy.

You are moving into a period in which there is much to look forward to. As loose ends begin to come together, and new opportunities are waiting to present themselves. Do not try and resist the change that is happening, bringing the proper sense of joy that you deserve.

It’s essential that you try and stay focused and not let yourself slip back into old habits.

The World card suggests that you should pay attention to any goals or projects that might be coming to an end.

It might be time for you to reach closer of some kind. Be aware of any feelings you might have of grief or loss resulting from letting go of a situation. Allow yourself to feel inner peace, resulting from the conclusion or completion of an earlier stage in your life.

Remember, as one chapter in your life closes, another one begins.

You have gained much wisdom. Use this now to make the right decisions. The world card is one of the most welcoming cards in the Tarot deck as it deals with deep joy and happiness, and it gives you the feeling that you can start to enjoy your earned success. If you have been waiting for a decision or an opportunity to manifest itself, know that The World will soon begin to turn in your favor.

The world can signify movement and travel. If you have been planning to move house, this is a good time. If you are planning a trip, this is the perfect opportunity. You will have a heightened sense of adventure at this time.

Now is also a time for celebration.

It is hard for things to go wrong when you have The World’s energy, so trust your instincts and start to make those dreams a reality. You have the world at your feet.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Pending

When the World card shows up in the Blocked meaning, it can suggest that you were incapable of bringing something to a conclusion. You are ready to move forward but feel blocked or that you don’t deserve to be happy. The negatives in this card are not major ones, and you will get what you deserve. It may take a bit longer for it to become evident to you.

It would help if you kept trusting yourself. And listen to your inner voice.