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Three of Swords

Card Theme: Grief
Element: Air

Three of Swords card shows clouds, rain, and three swords piercing a red heart. One to the left, one to the right, and one through the center of the Heart. The background is grey, summing up the emotion in this card.

This card represents the loneliness and sorrow of heartbreak, which often relates to deep emotional issues that you might face in life.

You may find yourself feeling isolated and cut off from something or someone you love. Sometimes this card can suggest a love triangle; maybe a third party has found their way into your relationship and caused a breakup or pain.

The card often depicts a red heart pierced by these Three of Swords. Heartbreak can affect every area of our lives. However, this card is not all about doom and despair. It can be associated with your emotional pains from the past. Although you feel that the pain may have gone, this card might signify that you may not have entirely let go. of past hurts. Often, heartbreak experiences can reply to an earlier betrayal, for instance, by a family, a lover, or a close relationship that has gone sour. Or a pain because you have never had closure.

This can leave you feeling vulnerable if this is the case. You need to find a way to learn to deal with these emotions and heal them thoroughly before you can move on.

Heartbreak can easily affect every area of your life. You may end up not feeling willing to risk yourself or venture into relationships without your defenses or that feeling that you are in control.

The fact that this card has turned up in a reading means that maybe you are holding on to negative emotions.

Your current relationship may be going through an unsettled patch. It is a card that can show relationships betrayal, and it can indicate affairs or maybe disloyalty in the other areas of your life.

The Three of Swords says that you will be able to heal from hurt and betrayal. As you find yourself better able to communicate feelings and emotions, you will gain a new level of maturity,

having that ability to share with people around you will help you feel less alone and help you cope with any difficulty or potential hurt in the future.

There is a powerful lesson that we can learn from the Three of Swords. You may find yourself developing more intense compassion for not just yourself but others. You might even find that you will gain greater strength to deal with the difficulties in life.

The Three of Swords is telling you that maybe you should use the Sword in the form of communication to help you battle against future hurts or heartbreaks. There is no shame in taking risks and telling people how you feel as long as it’s from the Heart.

The Three of Swords suggests that you will be able to heal from your hurts.

Perhaps you may have experienced a betrayal, rejection, or even some abusive treatment by someone close to you, whom you trusted. Whatever the reasons, you might feel hurt, causing you emotional pain, or you may be pretending to yourself that it doesn’t matter. Hoping that by ignoring the pain, it would go away.

Often, it takes time to see the full impact of hurtful events in our lives; however, hard you have tried to bury them, they resurface sooner or later.

Try letting go of your defenses and any desires you might have for control in favor of trust and communication. Tell people how you feel, and that can be done without hurting the person. Honest communication is essential now.

It’s essential to forgive the past and let it go.

As we begin to remove each Sword, then the healing process can commence. Be kind to yourself as things will get better.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Healing

Three of Swords showing up in the blocked position is similar to that of the upright meaning. It suggests that you may have might have been hurt. Maybe you have been betrayed, rejected, or suffered cruel treatment from someone you felt you could trust.

You may have pretended that to yourself that it didn’t hurt, to block out the pain. It can take time to see the impact of hurtful events in your life, honestly, and usually even longer to heal them. Are you blaming someone else for a breakup instead of acknowledging that you might have some responsibility in it.

But this understanding is what makes you human. Try and keep a clear head and not let yourself get bogged down with what might have been.