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Three of Wands

Card Theme: Leadership
Element: Fire

A man stands looking out over a bleak and barren landscape. He is looking towards the ocean. He stands in between Three wands, and he is holding on to one of them. He knows that there is a big wide world out there, and it’s full of opportunity.

I see the Three of Wands is a card of good fortune. It shows successful enterprises and shows that projects and relationships will thrive.

This is a card of the visionary and looking to the future. Now is the time to consider your options, but don’t necessarily take the first opportunity that comes your way. Essentially take your time and think about your current situation before taking any action. Note that whatever you decided to do now may affect you in the long term.

You may find yourself feeling confident and able to take control of things around you. Now is the time to start looking for greater possibilities.

The Three of Wands often suggests a hectic time, maybe.

This card speaks of adventure and following new horizons, of acting without fear. You are being encouraged to dream of moving beyond and exceeding what you to be as your current limitations.

The Three of Wands suggests you will be able to step into new horizons. This card represents adventure and a desire for change and discovery.

You may find yourself dreaming about visiting faraway places, and now there is no reason why this should stay a dream and not become a reality. You will be able to achieve many of your goals.

This card advises you to step back from your current situation and look at the bigger picture. This may result in a change of direction or letting you look at a problem in a slightly different way.

You must be the change that you want to see in the world.

You are ready for new challenges, and the only person that can stop this from happening is you.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme:

The Three of Wands in a blocked position suggests that you are stalling at making decisions, and maybe you are frightened to take that next step. Perhaps you are having problems communicating with people, and by not sharing your emotions, your relationships might start to suffer.