Card Theme: Partnership
Element: Water

A man and woman are standing opposite each other. They have golden cups in their hands. Which they offer to one another. Two entwined snakes are representing the symbol of Hermes, and these promise good luck.

A lion’s head is above them. The lion’s head symbolizes strength.

The Two of Cups is known as the card of connection. This is because it usually represents the association between two people. Still, it could also be the coming together of two minds or two ideas.

The Two of Cups can often be seen as those unavoidable tarot cliches “(‘You will meet a tall, dark stranger)

It can indeed indicate a romatic attraction, either presently in your life or very shortly.

The essence of this card is relationships. It speaks of the unity of two aspects and the problems that are inherent within this. Sometimes, there may need to be some fireworks or growing pains for two souls or two minds to come together. As you developed into more significant people.

This card can represent a new or improved association with another person or reconciliation within yourself. For example, two conflicting aspects of your personality are finding peace, harmony, and resolution. The Two of Cups card can suggest that you enter a new stage of happiness and harmony in a new relationship.

If you have found yourself feeling lonely lately. This card is a good indication that this feeling will soon pass.

You need to pay attention to this period in your life and not let yourself dwell on the past. Be open to opportunities. The future looks very bright.

This a perfect time to recognize the relationships that you have. Perhaps you are being asked to enjoy the support that has been given to you by others.

If it is love you are looking for, then the Two of Cups has all the right vibes for that special person to enter your life. You might find this happening in a totally unexpected place. This is the card of attraction.

If you are having difficulties in a current relationship, a decision will be made for the best.

Ultimately this is a perfect card for achieving harmony, even if you find that some sacrifices need to be made.

If you are wondering about you will meet a soul mate, then the answer is yes. Be sure that you make the most out of any social situation as you never know who you might meet. Remember to allow yourself to be open.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Dissatisfaction

The Two of Cups in the blocked position suggest that you might have gone through a separation of some kind. It shows relationship stress. This separation does not necessarily involve another person but could represent the conflicting feelings you might give yourself. Sometimes resolving conflict may bring up some painful emotions for you, which you will need to work through. Are you bringing problems to a relationship, which is now causing disharmony?