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Two of Pentacles

Card Theme: Juggling
Element: Earth

In the Two of Pentacles, you see a young man juggling two Pentacles using the infinity symbol. He is standing on land while behind him are rough seas where you see two ships are battling the waves.

Are you juggling too many things at the moment and feel that you are out of balance?.

You may feel overburdened. Which can result in a feeling that you are on an emotional rollercoaster?.

Now is the time to look closely at issues currently draining your time, energy, and resources. Now is the time for you to prioritize what is important to you right at this present time.

The Two of Pentacles represents going with the flow. Remember that feeling of well-being that you experience when you do something and do it well. When things happen easily, you find yourself not trying to push water upstream.

The Two of Pentacles asks you to recognize where you might be using too much control that prevents you from handling your problems with ease.

This could be a sign that you lack self-confidence..being aware that you are holding onto something is actually the first step in letting go of the reins a little.

Trust in yourself that you will be able to do things with far less effort than you think. You are competent in taking on any task. You can do anything and can face any insurmountable hurdle with the friction of the stress and worry that you might currently be exerting.

You need to have a belief in yourself.

The Two of Pentacles can suggest money coming to you from two sources or that at the moment, you might find that you are juggling your finances. If you are experiencing financial challenges, the Two of Pentacles is here to show you that it won’t last long. And that better times lay ahead.

Make those choices and stick with it even if you are not sure of the outcome Change is just around the corner.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Disorder

When you receive the Two of Pentacles in the blocked position, it can suggest that you are doing something which is preventing you from being in a flow state of mind. Maybe you are approaching a task or just life in general with a feeling of resistance or struggle. Or perhaps you have taken on more than you can handle at this present mind. When you add unnecessary burdens to your life, you can feel weighed down, and so, in turn, thrown off balance, which will leave you with a sense that you are constantly struggling.

You might be experiencing financial problems while pretending that everything is ok. Hang in there. This isn’t the right time for a change, but be ready when the moment presents itself. You need to overcome doubt and believe in yourself.