Card Theme: Diplomacy
Element: Air

A woman sits alone on a stone seat in front of a calm sea.

There are treacherous-looking rocks in the distance.

She is holding two swords across her chest, both pointing upwards. She is not able to see what the future holds as she is wearing a blindfold.

The Two of Swords represents a situation in which you feel hopeless. You cannot move forward because you cannot use your reasoning and find yourself having to rely on your blind faith.

The Two of Swords tells you that you often only choose what you want to see. It is the card of avoidance, particularly the release of painful thoughts and feelings.

This card represents the state that you might find yourself in when you actually do not want to face something. Often you deal with situations by shutting down or pretending to everyone around you that everything is fine and nothing is wrong. You might put on a happy face and attempt to hide your real feelings. Unfortunately, your problems don’t just disappear because you have chosen to ignore them.

By choosing only what you want to see, you ignore the fact that you have options. Maybe you are not be looking hard enough for solutions. You may be in denial or being stubborn over a situation. But something will have to give if you are going to move forward.

You must remove the blindfold, so you can take an honest look at a situation because you have choices.

The Two of Swords suggests that you will become better at confronting your problems. Your current indecisions are causing you stress, and you may feel that you are being pulled in two different directions.

By acquiring strength, bravery, and a positive attitude to do this, You will be better armed to cope with life trials.

Sometimes it’s okay to wait and let issues that are causing you concern. Try and calm down before you take any action. Listen to your intuition. Maybe you have been so stressed about a situation that you cannot hear what it is telling you.

If you look at the woman closely, you will see that the only thing that genuinely binds her is herself. She is free to get up, put down the Swords, and walk away at any time.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Action

The Two of Swords meaning in the blocked position suggests that you may have found yourself stalling at a hurdle and given up or found that you couldn’t complete a task. And feel helpless to make the changes necessary to move forward. And this may have left you feeling frustrated and lacking confidence. You might think that you’re not equal to others even though that perception is not the reality.

Two Swords can predict arguments or conflicts, and people’s feelings might get.