Card Theme: Planning
Element: Fire

The two of Wands shows a man standing on a castle wall, he is holding a globe in his hand, he is standing between two Wands looking out over the mountains towards the sea, every direction he looks in offers new scenery, symbolizing different opportunity is all around.

The Two of Wands is letting you know that you have options and choices in your life. Whatever path you choose, be aware that you are in control of your destiny. Now is the time to take control of your life. You have the strength to take on and even conquer the world.

This is an enthusiastic card. If you feel that you are at a crossroads, now is the time to make plans and look at which direction you want to go.

The Two of the Wands card tells you that you need to act assertively to succeed. You must stay centered.

This card represents the courage to be yourself. You will find that you have a newfound self-confidence. Maybe you have experienced or are about to experience an auspicious time in your life. This card talks of the courage to let yourself be guided by your inner voice. Allowing you to listen to your gut feeling and follow your instinct. When you’re making decisions about where to go in life or which road to take.

Luck is on your side with this card. Any gambles you might have taken may start to pay off. You might find new Opportunities presenting themselves to you without much effort on your part.

You are about to walk a new path, so think carefully about your choices.

Remember, whatever path you choose, be aware that you are in control of your destiny.

No one can fully predict the future or know what is around the next corner, so in some way, you need to rely on your inner light to shine. This card’s appearance can often ask you to polish that torch and trust that where it shines is where you should follow with boldness and faith.

You could find yourself quickly and effortlessly speaking your mind and finding the courage within you to be different from the crowd.

You may find yourself feeling alive, and other people will want to gravitate towards the new you. As a result, there may be excellent opportunities for you to move in a new direction.

Beware that there may be people in your life who may stop you from becoming your true self?. If you notice this happening, they will be unknowingly be presenting you with a perfect opportunity to stand up and be who you are and speak your mind.

Even if you risk criticism and rejection, this is a small price to pay for a strong sense of knowing yourself and what you believe in.

There is a vast world out there, do not be scared to take a chance life is for living.

You may be planning a physical change, moving house, or a new job, but whatever it is, your life is about to take a new path. For me, I see the card is asking you to be different.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Unexpected

The Two of Wands in the blocked position suggest that you might have lost touch with who you are. Have you stopped listening to your inner guidance?

Maybe you have been influenced by others and have not wanted to risk being criticized or rejected, or you may not have wanted to rock the boat.

You need to become stronger and find your inner voice. And trust your own judgment.