Do Not Be Afraid of Those So-Called Scary Cards





It is important to remember that Tarot cards are a tool for divination. There objective is to help guide you on your path and through circumstances and situations where you may not see the positive side of life.

There are a few cards in the Tarot deck that might send a shiver down your spine or make those tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand on end when you see them. And they can conjure up thoughts of complete doom and disaster. And people have immediate negative thoughts as they look at the images on these cards. As I’ve said before, I’ve lost count of the times when I mentioned to people that I read Tarot cards. I see the expression of fear that flashes across people’s faces, Or they will say, “oh, I could never have my cards read in case the Death card appears.”

The Death Card: That dreaded Death card this card predicts the end of a situation. It appears to let you know that the end of an issue is near and that change is inevitable.

And this is often for the better. Remember the saying as “one door closes, another one opens,” new opportunities can present themselves at any time. We often forget to look.

The Devil Card: This card is actually one of my personal favorites. It shows up to represent any unhealthy attachments that we might have. If the Devil card does appear in a reading, it may signify that you are in a situation you chose not to be in but can’t find a way out. Or one that is not good for you.

The card asks you if you still feel in control of your life? Or if a situation or person is controlling you. The card advises you to break free from the restrictions you think might be binding you and then take positive steps to change your life situation.

The Tower card: This card has this image of a burning tower struck by lightning, with people falling to the ground. This card is about sudden change that we often have no control over. In life, we often need that bolt of lightning moment to change a negative pattern, which helps us move forward to start again.

The Moon card: This card is here to warn you that you need to be careful of people around you who might be gossiping, lying, and deceitful. It tells you that we need to trust your instincts.

Each card you draw is influenced by the card or cards that are near it in a reading. And there is always a positive message to be found in any card, even if it means dealing with a situation you would rather avoid. But it always comes right in the end.

Remember, things always turn out alright in the end, even if at the time it doesn’t seem that way. It never rains forever.