Finding Your Intuition

Often when you wake up and go about your daily routine, you forget to be truly aware of what is around you and live in the moment.

We often need to just stop and learn to be aware: It might sound easy, and actually, it is.

When you learn to listen and become aware of everything around you, to have a clear mind. You will find yourself noticing these changes, however small and insignificant they may seem.

From Night today, from sunlight to moonlight, watch out for shadows, listen for the wind, the smells in the air. The simple sounds of laughter, the birds are chirping, the hustle and bustle of people. Look up at the clouds. Be aware of who has walked past you or who is around you—that shift in the wind. Make a mental note. Or take down notes they will help you later when you try and look back at what was real or your imagination, or what was just wishful thinking on your behalf.

Take the time to listen to what people are saying and what they are not. Often you find that people actually say one thing and mean something completely different. You know when you ask someone how their day was. They say, “Oh fantastic,” But you can feel that there is a pause, and you sense that they are omitting something.

Meditation is great for quieting your mind but is hard for me; I’ve always struggled with Meditation. My brain is still going full speed so just to get it quiet is often challenging. By learning how to meditate, you can open yourself up and get in touch with your intuition. By doing so, you will learn how to quieten your mind and wander through your subconscious. You will be open to accepting the messages it offers you.

This one, I love, and it’s the most meaningful to learn, and that is to trust your gut. Listen to that feeling you get when you know that something just isn’t right. When you drive the car, you turn left even though you knew you should have taken a right. It’s important to acknowledge these feelings. These intuitive messages happen for a reason.

Take the time to write things, keep a notebook handy, and jot things down, however irrelevant it might seem.

Did you meet someone who gave you a bad vibe?

Did you have a dream about something in particular?

Did you get a feeling that something is about to happen, but you can’t pinpoint what it is.?

Did a hear a song on the radio or a smell that evoked a memory from the past.?

You might have found yourself having a Deja Vu moment, that powerful sense of familiarity with something that you shouldn’t be familiar with yet, then forget it.

Keeping track of these sensory messages will allow you to go back and read them later on. It’s important to realize that sometimes we get messages that we neither understand or may not seem accurate at this time.

If you find that you feel about something, don’t be scared to try and get confirmation, even if you think it might sound crazy. Years ago, I kept having a vision of my daughter’s teacher, sister. I kept seeing her in the kitchen, washing up, and singing. One day I told her about it only to find out that her sister had passed, and in their family, she loved to wash the dishes. As strange as that might seem, and for her to hear, I knew that I had to tell her. When I did, it brought back many happy memories of family meals for her.

It’s important to stop rushing through life and allow yourself self-time to just be in the world.

When it comes to Tarot, many people believe that they have to memorize all seventy-eight of the cards’ meanings before they can be a good tarot reader. Believe me, this is not only wrong and also incredibly dull and boring. If you find yourself just saying what you have read about each card, your readings will feel stiff and lack enthusiasm.

But by allowing yourself to be open and learn to read the cards intuitively will; will enable you to interpret any card without turning the books’ pages.

It is good to know each card’s traditional meaning, but then you can go to the next level by allowing yourself to connect with your own inner wisdom.

By looking at each card, you will begin to notice certain symbols. Each is different and is full of symbols, but you will only a few things but jump out to you. ( it wasn’t until a few years after I started reading the cards that I noticed that in the Rider- Waite tarot deck, the Seven of Wands is wearing different shoes).

Look at things, take note of whatever comes into your mind, imagine that you are telling the story of that card…