My Code of Ethics


My Mission

A tarot professional strives to uphold the highest ethical standards in all services rendered and act affirmatively toward maintaining public trust in the tarot profession. A tarot professional’s practice is grounded on using the tarot as a tool to assist clients with tapping into their own intuitions, spirituality, or creativity.



I will maintain strict client confidentiality, and I will hold all written communication with a client in confidence.



I will conduct a reading to the best of my ability, with compassion and Honesty.



I will always provide readings with no judgment or criticism. I will listen to them, Whatever the topic.



I will not advise my clients in areas that I am not qualified in. If my client needs professional services, I will encourage them to seek such services.



I see my goal as a Tarot reader to allow and encourage my clients to take responsibility for their actions and decisions that, in turn, guide their lives.



I will inform my clients that no-one’s future is written in stone. And they have the power and free will to change. I want my clients to have leave feeling that they have control and free will to change situations in their lives. When my clients leave a reading, I want them to have a renewed sense of empowerment and feel positive.



I will explain to my clients that they are not to become dependant on my services. Or the assistance of others, and I will not pressure them for a return visit. I do not want to encourage Tarot junkies.


Professional Conduct

I will not read for third parties.
I will not read about any form of medical issues.
I will not read when my client or myself are under the influence of alcohol.
I will not read for under 17.