The Fools Journey Through The Major Arcana

Once upon a time. There was a courageous young man. People called him a Fool because he was so trusting and naive. The Fool felt that something was missing in his life. He was curious as to life’s, meaning he was in search of experience and adventure.

The Fool had many questions in his head. He decided to take a journey in the hope of finding the answers to his questions.

He set out on his journey with just a few of his belongings tied up in a bundle, which he carries over his shoulder. His little dog is trying to get his attention, to warn him of the danger that lies ahead.

Suddenly, he takes a step and finds himself tumbling off the edge of the cliff. Landing in some bushes, once he has realized that he was not hurt, the Fool finds himself on a new path. As he gathers his belongings, he starts out on this new path.

When he looked around, he saw a man standing in the bright sunlight. The Fool notices that he is wearing a long yellow cloak that’s flapping in the wind. The Man smiled at the Fool and said,

“I am the Magician,”

In his hand, he is holding a wand that is raised high over his head. One endpoint towards the sky, while the other points down to the earth.

The Magician told The Fool that he should act with confidence. And trust in himself as he has all the ability to control his own life. You can manipulate people, things, and events as long as you go about it the right way for ethical outcomes. You have the power inside yourself to do many things.

Later that evening, the Fool came upon a woman sitting quietly. She was wearing a robe that seemed to flow like water. She sat so quietly that the Fool thought that she might be sleeping. As he went closer, he heard her whisper.

“I am the High Priestess”

“Much that is essential to you is unknown.” Gaze into my crystal ball. And see what is hidden”.

The Fool took the crystal ball from the Priestess and went to sit under a tree.

The crystal ball was misty, and the Fool thought there was nothing to see. Suddenly the mist cleared, and the Fool saw a woman sitting on a chair. It was as if she had moved the indoors outside; she looked extremely relaxed and comfortable. She was surrounded by trees, and The Fool thought he could smell the freshness. The smell reminded him of his mother. Clean and crisp. The women looked at the Fool and said, “I am the Empress,” Do what makes you happy, and you can create anything.”

As quickly as she had appeared in the crystal ball, she disappeared, the crystal ball became cloudy, and the Empress’s soft face was replaced.

The Fool saw a stern-looking man. He was seated on a throne carved out of stone. The Man had a serve expression on his face. In a powerful and commanding voice, he said,

” I am the Emperor. And you must learn to set goals for yourself and to make plans if you wish to accomplish great things in your life”.

Next, a priest dressed in lavish robes appeared. He was sitting on an elaborate throne. Two men were sitting at his feet. They seemed to be waiting for the priest to give them a blessing. The priest made a sign of the blessing and said to the Fool,

“I am the Hierophant, “Always let your conscience be your guide!” You have the opportunity and the desire to choose your own road to salvation, to interpret the word of God in your own way. Will you keep depending on outside power, or will you start to think for yourself.?

Then suddenly, another image appeared in the crystal ball. The Fool thought it was an Angle-like figure; his wings were spread out over a young man and woman standing in a garden. They were both naked. They reminded him of Adam and Eve.

The Angle smiled at the Fool and said,

“I represent The Lovers You must choose to love. You will have choices to make in life. You need to consider all the ramifications of a situation and choose, carefully to further your own development, you must accommodate the needs of others.”

The Fool felt tired by now, and the crystal ball went dark, so he lay it down next to him. The Fool heard the sound of something coming towards him; it looked like a chariot drawing near. It was moving so fast it nearly didn’t know the Fool who was sitting in its path. The Fool jumped up. The charioteer offered to let the Fool use his chariot. As the Fool climbed into the chariot and took the reins. The charioteer said,

” You need to believe in yourself and create a firm foundation from which you will be able to move forward and accomplish your desires.” And so the Fool continued on his journey, as he was now happily riding in a chariot.

As the Fool headed towards a forest, he climbed off from the Charriot and decided to walk. The Fool came upon a woman who was bending over and stroking a lion. The Lion scared the Fool, but he noticed that the woman was not afraid. In fact, she seemed to be holding the Lion in a loving embrace.

The Woman said to the Fool,

” I am Strength, you must remember, we all have a beast within us. The skill is to guide it with love and not allow it to be caged in fear. Having a positive connection to your animal self will protect and care for you to learn to rely on your inner strength to solve your problems. It’s crucial that any decisions you make feel right for you. Whatever those decisions or actions you take will be successful”.

As the Fool continued his journey, he found himself at the foot of a mountain. He started to climb up the mountain. He noticed a man standing in a tattered robe carrying a lantern. He had a long white bead. his posture and severe expression seem to radiate wisdom. “Why are you here all alone?” the Fool asked.

“I am the ‘Hermit, the Man replied. Sometimes the only way you can discover who you truly are is to spend time in solitude and rediscover yourself.

Then you will be able to gain some perspective on your life, allow yourself to be open to inner guidance.”

The next day, the Fool made his way down from the mountain, and he noticed a wheel slowly spinning down beside him. As the Fool watched the wheel spin, he became dizzy and fell into a kind of daze. The Fool heard a voice in his head say. ”

Everything happens for a reason. Forces are acting upon you that are beyond your control and understanding. Life is full of chances for you to learn new things”.

When the Fool reached the bottom of the mountain, he lay on the grass and closed his eyes. He dreamed that he saw a very stern-looking woman sitting on a throne. In one hand, she was holding a sword, and in the other perfectly balanced scales. She is staring straight ahead.

“I am Justice. She told the Fool. You create your life through your decisions, she told him.” Your actions will always have consequences. You have a responsibility to act ethically. you should try to create a balance, not only of power but also in terms of your emotions and reactions to situations.”

As the Fool opened his eyes, he found himself in a very dense forest. When he looked up, The Fool saw a man hanging from a tree. He noticed he was hanging from one foot. The Man looked peaceful and relaxed, as if he was enjoying the situation. He did not look in pain and, in fact, seemed quite content with his predicament. The Fool noticed a shining light like a halo around Man’s head. The Fool asked him,

“Are you suffering”? he looked at the Fool and said,

“I’m The Hanged Man; it’s time for a new perspective. Let yourself look at things from a different angle so that you can make the necessary change. Take time to make the right decisions about where you want your life to take you. Listen to your intuition and be prepared to dance to a different tune in the future.

As the Fool walked further into the forest. It became darker, and the Fool saw a cloaked figure looming in the darkness. He was dressed in black armor riding a white horse. He is carrying a flag bearing the symbol of a white rose. His horse is trotting towards a man dressed as a priest., He seems to have his arms outstretched as if in a greeting. The figure seemed to be calling to him as well. With his heart beating fast, he felt a pang of fear.

“Are you Death?” asked the Fool in a trembling voice. The figure replied in a deep booming voice.

“Yes, but do not be afraid. Every change in life can feel a little like a death. Whatever stage you find yourself in when change occurs, there might be a need for mourning. But remember, it’s only by resisting to accept that something has ended that causes you problems. It shows you the unknown and into a new life. You should try not to dwell on what has left your life and look forward to new beginnings. But start to think about the space that this has been created for something new to enter. Remember Fool, when one door closes, another one will open”.

As fast as the figure of death appeared, it vanished. And The Fool found himself in a beautiful clearing sitting by a stream. Were he saw what he thought was another Angel with the most beautiful wings. Dipping his toe into the water while holding two pitches, he tipped water from one pitcher to another.

“I am Temperance, the Angle said,

“I am always with you. And you will need me. It’s important to look at your life and see if you can take a more sensitive approach than to force things to happen. “Remember,” he said to the Fool, it’s important to excise patience. The Fool thought the message from the Angel was rather dismal.

As the Fool was thinking about the last message, he fell to the ground. And the peacefulness of the stream was gone. In front of him, a mysterious figure appeared. He had a dark and forceful appearance.

When The Fool looked at him, he noticed he was half man and half goat. He had a dark and commanding presence. The Fool saw two naked people, one Man and one Woman, who seemed to be chained to a concrete block, sat at his feet. The chains were loosely attached around their necks. And the Fool notices that they could easily remove them if they wanted to.” Who are you, the Fool asked?’

The figure before him growled and said,

“People call me the Devil, but really I am just your inner demons,” laughing. He said, “And I am happy to keep you in chains if you let me. You need to recognize and accept the things you don’t like about yourself. And to let go of any fears or hang-ups, you might have and start to take responsibility for yourself positively. You have the inner strength to free yourself from any situation by using your willpower.

A cloud of smoke appeared, and The devil disappeared into a cloud, and The Fool felt himself falling. He felt like he was falling from a great height.

As he fell, he saw a flash of lightning and a booming voice from above. When the Fool looked up, he saw what he thought used to be a tower. It was in the process of collapsing. He saw two people falling to the ground. As the roof seemed to blow off, flames and debris were flying in all directions.

“I am The Tower,” the booming voice said.

” Sometimes you need to be shaken up or given a wake-up call just to get you out of a bad situation, for your own good. You will see that a new order will grow, so be prepared for a change in the wake of chaos. If you build something on unstable ground, it will collapse. You can pick and choose amongst the rubble and decide what is worth saving, and from that, rebuild your life

The next thing the Fool knew, he found himself lying in a beautiful field. He saw a naked woman pouring water from two pitchers, one held in each hand. As she kneels and pours the contents of one pitcher into the stream and the other into the ground, He noticed seven stars shining brightly around her.

The Fool felt very hopeful here and safe in her company. The Fool told her how scared he was when he found himself falling. The Woman gave him a beautiful smile.

“I am The Star.” Have faith and trust in life and its many processes. You are setting new goals for the future and opening the door to new opportunities in your life. You will always find hope here in times of trouble. Remember, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”

The sound of a wolf howling made The Fool turn around in fear. He noticed that it had become dark again, and the Moon had risen. Terrible animals were appearing all around him.

He shuddered and cried out in fear,

“Where am I” nobody answered him, and he felt disoriented and scared, but he decided to take a chance and run past the creatures. Just as he thought, he had managed to run without being noticed.

The Moon spoke to him,” Not knowing something can be scary. Uncertainty can allow your imagination to run wild. Often your fears are primarily figments of your imagination, and your delusions generally self-delusions. Pay attention to your feelings, hunches, and dreams. In the light of the Moon, you can see more clearly than you can in the glare of the midday sun. The sunlight enables you to see the world around you but, the moonlight illuminates what springs directly from inside of you.

So The Fool ran and ran until he thought he couldn’t run anymore. Out of sheer exhaustion, The Fool fell asleep. When he woke, he was blinded by a dazzling sun. He found himself sitting on a wall that had giant sunflowers growing from it. When he looked up, he noticed that the sun had a face and was smiling at him. Bright yellow sunbeams were radiating out from it. The Fool laughed as he felt light and happy. He felt great to be alive, and he felt peace at the thought that a new day had started. He felt a sense of self-confidence, ready to take on new projects and make changes.

Beneath the sun, then the Fool saw a small child riding a horse; he too was laughing. There was a warm feeling about this place.

The child said,

“I am the Sun “oh yes, it’s a new day. There are new opportunities and possibilities to explore. Remember, you, too, can be brilliant and truly shine.

As the child rode away, the Fool thought he heard a trumpet blown as he looked up. He saw a winged figure emerging from a cloud. It looked like an Angel. The Fool somehow knew that it was blowing the trumpet. He shook himself as if awakening from a dream.

Then he noticed people rising up gloriously. They seemed to be coming literally out of the ground. They had their arms outstretched; they looked to be in complete awe as they looked towards the sky.

The Fool heard a voice say,

“I am Temperance

“You have the unique opportunity to relive, to enliven yourself and your surroundings by making changes. What is ending is doubt and indecision, fear, and inhibition. It’s a time of new freedom for you to be yourself. It’s time for you to seek a new direction and make changes that reflect who you indeed are.”

The Fool wondered if they had been dreaming too? The Fool asked out loud, has this all been one big dream?

The Fool looked around, and he found himself back precisely where he started; he was back on that cliff. It all looked the same, yet somehow everything felt different. As if he was seeing things for the first time, there was pure beauty in everything around him. The colors were more precise, the smells were intoxicating.

And then a wind began to blow, it blew so hard that it picked him up and carried him away, but for the first time he wasn’t scared, he was not afraid anymore.

As he was floating in the wind, he saw a woman dancing high above the ground. She Said

“I am the World” She was dancing inside a large wreath. She is holding a double-ended wand in both hands. She looked at the Fool and said, “The end of every journey offers you the chance to start another one. Now you are free and whole, complete. You are now refreshed from your long journey and are ready to begin a new one.

The Fool found himself suddenly back on the clifftop, ready to set out again. The Fool is filled with joy and wonders. He knows that he has to appreciate what there is in his life rather than believing that he needs more to make him happy.