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I have been reading Tarot cards since my early teens. I got my first Tarot deck from my mother. The Tarot was something that I just grew up with. It was very much part of my teenage years.

I have found myself evolving as a reader, and I now focus on reading full time. I find that it brings me peace and comfort; it’s like an extension of myself; my deck is like that friend that’s always there to listen to me and not judge.

When I first started to read the cards, there wasn’t the internet, and there certainly weren’t the number of books available today.

So I began keeping a daily journal. Over the years, it expanded into a collection of notebooks where I still find myself writing down things about the Tarot.

I have designed this website just like my journal. These are a collection of all the things I found that I wanted to know about the Tarot and am still learning.

According to my family, I am obsessed with keeping Tarot journals, which come second ( I will admit this ) to my Tarot deck collection. And if I’m totally honest here, my velvet tarot bag collection might be getting out of control.

In the last couple of years, I have been working on two new decks and a book, which will be published early next year.

In the Fools Journey on my page, I use one of my own decks based on the Raider -Waite deck. I always thought that the Fool represented the start of one’s personal journey and wanted to show him taking that journey through the deck. You will find them in the section The Fool takes a journey…

When I tell people that I read the Tarot, I watch them get that strange look in their eyes. I feel that there has been too much sensationalism that’s given the unwelcome Tarot press. People often regarded the cards as the predictor of impending doom.

Or that a tall, dark, handsome stranger is going to come and whisk you off them off their feet. Now, if the latter were only true!

Tarot is a unique and powerful tool. That I find is wonderful to use for guidance. The Tarot cards will help guide you to make both minor and major decisions in your life. Guide being the important word.

The cards will tell you things that you might not be willing to hear or bring you joyful news that we were not expecting. You can choose to listen to their advice and allow yourself to go with the flow. The cards will guide you on how to do this.

You have intuition. You are born with it. But often, you don’t trust yourself to listen to that little voice inside of you. To what it is telling you, maybe it’s because you are too busy. Or because you have been conditioned to follow other people’s advice. And listen to their opinions instead of listing to your own gut feelings.

How many times have you talked yourself out of a situation and not going with your gut feeling to find out later that you had made a mistake?

But it is important to remember that Tarot cards can not Predict your future. But they can predict the future you are creating right now with the energy around you. And you have the inner strength to make those changes, and, as a result, of this will be that you find yourself creating a great future for yourself!

Everyone has free will, and you have the choice to change the things in your life that you find no longer serve your best interests.

Nothing in your life is set in stone, and life is not always in your control. We are all on a journey, and that journey is unique to each of us.

And with your free will, you need to bear in mind that you have many paths before in your life. And you can choose any direction at any given time. When you read the Tarot cards, you’re running into the energy around you at the present time.

As well as the most likely outcomes given the current circumstances.

I love exploring each card’s picture, seeing the imagery and symbolism that each card holds, and finding the story in each as I lay the cards out for a reading.

The Tarot is a pack of 78 cards. These cards hold every human emotion and experience. You do not need to be a psychic to read them. Anyone can study and learn their meanings. When you allow yourself to combine intuition and knowledge, the messages can be powerful ones.

When you go for a tarot reading, you will notice that every reader has their own style. A reading can reveal your current hopes, fears, thoughts, and feelings, which are always in motion and can change at any time. It’s important to keep an open mind and welcome the understanding these unique cards can bring into your life.

When you learn the Tarot, please do not let the cards overwhelm you. I know there are seventy-eight of them, which can seem daunting, but if you take one card a day.

And genuinely get to know it look at the colors, the symbols, the image. Imagine that you are in that picture and can see things that you can’t from the inside.

Taking a card a day will take you a little over two months: In that short time, you could learn the deck inside out. As you look at cards, allow your feelings and insights to develop.

When I pull a card a day, I will often take a photo of it on my phone so

I can consider its meaning, position, colors, and relate to situations during my day.

Even if you’re not new to Tarot and have been reading cards for years, this is a great way to get to know a new deck or reconnect with an old one.

I like to think of Tarot as a tool to help people see the” Wood from the trees,” so to speak. In a world where everyone is so busy. At times it may seem like to get anyone to listen genuinely to you. You find yourself paying to see a therapist or a counselor just to have someone listen to you.

The Tarot can offer people an opportunity to be listened to and have their problems looked at to help them clarify a situation and guidance without judgment.

Try not to get bogged down by the many different spreads that you read about. And don’t worry because you are not using ten or twelve card spreads. On the contrary, A three-card spread can be equally as powerful. And personally one of my favorites.

The tarot cards contain numerous layers of meaning. The cards all intwine as you learn to read between the lines, so to speak, And as you get to know your deck over time, you will start to have this incredible connection with the cards.

As I mentioned earlier, I love to collect tarot decks, and I enjoy getting to know each of them on a personal

Level, but there is only one deck that I feel pulled to work with, and that is the Rider-Waite deck ( RWS )

I find that its explicit imagery and simplicity allow people to enjoy their readings.

Actually, with the Tarot, you are a storyteller. When you read the cards, you’re extracting a story that, In turn, will address the question that is being asked.

In the last couple of years, I have been working on two new decks and a book, which will be published early next year.

I am using one of my own decks on this website based on the Raider -Waite deck. Still, I always thought that the Fool represented the start of one’s personal journey and wanted to show him taking that journey through the deck. You will find them in the section The Fool takes a journey…

The one thing that I would ask is you, please do not judge me harshly about my spelling.

I’m dyslexic