Yes And No Tarot Cards

I’m not a lover of Yes/No questions when it comes to tarot reading. The main reason is that I don’t believe the future is set in stone and believe that there are so many moving parts.

It is impossible to say that a ‘yes’ right now will remain a ‘yes’ in a month.

However, I’m a realist and appreciate that sometimes you want a quick answer to those.

questions….,” should I take that job?” or “should I sell my house?”

I don’t mind doing this reading, but I always make it clear that things can change.

There are many spreads out there to help answer yes/no questions. Some you will find are simple, and others are a bit more difficult to go with the one that feels best for you.

The Fool: Yes, but it does not guarantee long-lasting outcomes. It’s also a Yes for travel and adventure.

Magician: Yes, but it could be a long time coming? All of your efforts are working behind the scenes to give you a favorable outcome.

High Priestess: Yes, but there are hidden circumstances involved in creating this situation?

Empress: Yes.

Emperor: Yes.

Hierophant: Yes.

Lovers: Yes, but you might find yourself at a cross-road for a while, and you will have to make a decision. This decision could be very Karmic. You could find yourself in a conflict between your heart and your head.

Chariot: Yes.

Strength: Yes, but you must be patient. The best way to manifest is through Gratitude.

Hermit: No, at this stage.

Wheel of Fortune: Yes, but only if it is in your Highest and Best.

Justice: Yes, if it is fair and just for everyone involved.

Hanged Man: No, or at least a delay.

Death: No.

Temperance: Yes.

Devil: No. It is best to be cautious now.

Tower: No.

Star: Yes.

Moon: No.



World: Yes, but you might have to put in a lot of effort.


Wands Tarot Cards: Yes or No


Ace of Wands: Yes.

Two of Wands: Yes, but you might have to make some changes to your original plans. Something better could take the place of your original plans.

Three of Wands: Yes.

Four of Wands: Yes.

Five of Wands: No.

Six of Wands: Yes.

Seven of Wands: No.

Eight of Wands: Yes.

Nine of Wands: No.

Ten of Wands: No, unless you work extremely hard to make it happen.

Page of Wands: Yes.

Knight of Wands: Yes, but you might change your mind once you get it.

Queen of Wands: Most likely a yes.

King of Wands: Most likely a yes.



Swords Tarot Cards: Yes or No


Ace of Swords: Yes.

Two of Swords: Yes.

Three of Swords: No.

Four of Swords: No.

Five of Swords: No.

Six of Swords: Yes.

Seven of Swords: No.

Eight of Swords: No.

Nine of Swords: No.

Ten of Swords: No.

Page of Swords: Yes.

Knight of Swords: Yes.

Queen of Swords: No.

King of Swords: No.



Cups Tarot Cards: Yes or No


Ace of Cups: Yes.

Two of Cups: Yes.

Three of Cups: Yes.

Four of Cups: No.

Five of Cups: No.

Six of Cups: Yes.

Seven of Cups: No.

Eight of Cups: No.

Nine of Cups: Yes.

Ten of Cups: Yes.

Page of Cups: Yes.

Knight of Cups: Yes.

Queen of Cups: Yes.

King of Cups: Yes.



Pentacles Tarot Cards: Yes or No


Ace of Pentacles: Yes.

Two of Pentacles: No.

Three of Pentacles: Yes, especially in career questions.

Four of Pentacles: No.

Five of Pentacles: No.

Six of Pentacles: Yes.

Seven of Pentacles: No.

Eight of Pentacles: Yes.

Nine of Pentacles: Yes.

Ten of Pentacles: Yes.

Page of Pentacles: Yes.

Knight of Pentacles: Yes.

Queen of Pentacles: Yes.

King of Pentacles: Yes.