Your Tarot Birth Card

Working out your Tarot Birth card

Your Tarot birth card is determined by adding up your birthday and then breaking it down into its lowest form.

You need to add the full digits of your birthday.

For example. If you were born on the 21st of April 1993, that is 21/4/1993

Then you need to add those numbers together: 2+1+4+1+9+9+9+3 = 29

As the Major Acarana only goes up to 21, you will need to reduce the number again to its lowest form.

To do this, you add the two numbers together; for example, 29 would be 2+9=11

So this would give you a birth number of 11, and that is the card of justice.

Show Birth Card Meanings

0. The Fool: You like to take risks, enjoy change. But do not confuse being reckless with being adventurous. Be careful not to be too reckless and impulsive, as this might result in consequences that you might not be able to control. Life can be a magical journey. It might seem like a roller coaster ride at times. Your experience may be packed full of plans for travel and adventure, or you may find yourself traveling inwards to find out who you are. The fool is there to protect you throughout your adventures. Remember, “life is for the living.”

1. The Magician: You are adaptable, hard-working, and extremely capable. You are totally committed to getting what you want. You have a fantastic ability to stay focused on your goals and dreams. The Magician is a showman and can charm everyone, but make sure you use those powers of persuasion wisely. Be aware of the risk of allowing people around you to manipulate you., you certainly have the inner strength and ability. You just need to learn how to control it and use it in your favor.

2. The High Priestess: You are intuitive and wise beyond your years. You may find yourself feeling a strong pull towards anything secret or mysterious. You will find yourself wanting to learn how to intensify your intuition. You must understand when to stand up for yourself and speak out and, just as importantly, when to stay quiet. Allow yourself to find time in your schedule to meditate.

3. The Empress: You are motherly, protective, a worrier. You have powerful instincts and have a warm character with the ability to create. Not just in the ways of family and friends but also in your work-life. The Empress is famous for her love of pleasures and has a tremendous appreciation for beauty and nature. You may find that not everyone in your orbit will see you as the goddess that you undoubtedly are. Try and control any feelings of anger you might feel if you think your rule is challenged.

4. The Emperor: You are controlled, disciplined, and overly ambitious. You need to learn how to combine this control with empathy and authority to genuinely become a visionary and lead wisely. Your ability to achieve everything you set out to do, but you need to do it with a bit of heart. You have a tendency to walk over people. My dad used to tell me, “Be careful, How you treat people you meet on the way up, as you might meet them again on your way down.”

5. The Hierophant: You like to make plans and be part of things. Spiritually you might find yourself spending time exploring different ways to look at the world. Maybe you might find it time to branch out on your own, leaving behind everything you know and follow your heart. People see you as dependable, honest and think of you as someone they can rely on. Your not a rule-breaker, but you must understand that sometimes it’s ok to break a few rules.

6. The Lovers: You are a caring person. But you can be prone to being over-sensitive and family-orientated. You might find that the many temptations and excitement that life has to offer in life could take you in many different directions. Take care of which path you take.

7. The Chariot: You’re hard-working and resourceful. You can be indecisive and may find it hard to put down roots. The energy in this card is fast movement. You can learn to control those emotions, and even though life might be moving in a rapid direction, remember that you are the one holding the reins.

8. Strength: Your a trustworthy and trusted friend, dependable, and reliable. You’re happy to take on challenges and responsibilities, often emotional. You have tremendous inner strength and can pick yourself up and dust yourself off, no matter how often you find yourself getting knocked down. You need to learn how to maintain harmony and stability in your life and the events you might find yourself in.

9. The Hermit: You are a spiritual person, a deep thinker who enjoys solitude. You may often find yourself in situations where you are alone and find that you have to rely on your inner strength. The Hermit reminds you it’s all about developing your inner wisdom. Maybe you need to understand your personal journey. People may be drawn to you for advice.

10. Wheel of Fortune: You like to enjoy the more beautiful things in life. But allow yourself to be aware of the negative and the positive energy of money and good fortune. You will have lots of opportunities throughout your life. You need to recognize those opportunities when they arise and how to take full advantage of them.

11. Justice: You are logical and honest. Balance and harmony in your life are essential to you, but that can often be challenging. You need to explore being fair and carefully weigh up your options before acting. This card reminds you of karmic justice. “What goes around comes around.” Change seems to be the one certainty in life, and often things do not turn out the way you plan them to, But you must acknowledge that there is a more unique mystery at work.

12. The Hanged Man: You are often prone to contemplating things and maybe not seeing enough action. You can expect to find something going on under the surface, making it look like there is not a lot happening, but there is truth. You are a great mediator and can see both sides of a disagreement. You like the Hanged Man, have a different way of looking at things. You mustn’t allow yourself to rush into anything, but observe things before you take action.

13. Death: You have had periods of dramatic and sudden changes; you have learned to expect the unexpected. You need to know how to break free from those old patterns and the things you are doing that no longer serve your best interests. This card’s energy may seem cynical to you, but it’s not. It’s about getting rid of the old to make way for the new.

Remember, “When one door closes, another one opens.”

So even though it doesn’t seem that way at the time, every ending allows you the opportunity to start something new. Focus on the future. And you will realize some things are better left in the past.

14. Temperance: You are patient and caring, a natural healer. You might find yourself challenged to restore harmony with others and ensure that all your life parts are in harmony. This will create a tremendous impression on the people around you. Keeping a balance in your life is essential. You need to learn how to keep all the balls you juggle in the air and listen to your body. If you are doing too much, it will tell you.

15. The Devil: You tend to be controlled by others. You need to be able to see that no one has the power over you except you. You need to learn to trust yourself. The saying “You make your bed now lie in it” comes to my mind. Life should be fun, and with that fun can come lots of incredible temptations, but just be careful to remember you are in control.

16. The Tower: You can learn from your past mistakes and are very resilient and able to bounce back from difficult situations that seem to get thrown at you. You might feel that your life seems to constantly get shaken up, and nothing seems stable. But it’s important to remember the tower has dramatic and robust energy. Think about an earthquake. They are over very quickly, and even though there are few aftershocks, they are no permanent. If something leaves your life, you should have the trust that maybe it was meant to go. Life is never dull for those around you.

17. The Star: You have an optimistic outlook on life. This is an encouraging birth card to have. This card reminds you there is hope all around you. Keep following the spiritual connections that you have and enjoy the harmony that it brings to your life. You will always see the glass is half full.

18. The Moon: You need to learn to positively control your emotions and develop your inner wisdom. It’s essential that you know to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Things look different in the moonlight, so beware that you genuinely see the big picture. You need to stay focused and listen to your intuition.

19. The Sun: You an excellent friend to have and committed to creating harmony. You are lucky there will be joy and good luck. Your path is all about taking your enthusiasm for life and making the most of it. You have confidence and have the inner power to succeed at anything life throughs at you.

20. Judgment: You need to leave the past behind you and allow yourself to let go of any grudges and resentments to move forward. You seem to have stumbling blocks, but you can create breakthroughs.

21. The World: You will overcome all obstacles and experience victory. This is a card that allows your dreams to come true while helping you find answers to your problems. it’s the card of fairy tale endings
you love to travel, complete projects, and go full circle.