Card Theme: Inspiration
Element: Water

The Ace of Cups shows a hand emerging from a cloud holding a golden cup. The cup is overflowing; you can see five water streams gently falling into the lake below. Water Lillies are floating on the surface of the water.

A white dove is descending down into the cup. In its beak, you will see it is holding a wafer with a cross on it.

The Ace of Cups embodies the essence of the heart. It’s that deep emotional and spiritual love that’s within you. Your heart may be Blocked with many negative feelings from old hurts, pain, fears, and resentments that you might have made. This a normal state to be in.

But in reality, it should be normal for you to feel joy and happiness.

The Ace of Cups suggests that you will begin to unblock those negative feelings.

The Ace of Cups marks the beginning of a new emotional journey. Finally, you will find yourself entering a calm, tranquil period.

And find that you will now be able to let go of any emotional struggles, as these are not positively affecting your life.

If you can, now is the perfect time to heal those emotional scars, to forgive and forget. And to let go of the emotional baggage that has been holding you back. You’re being asked to look for the good in people. Even those that have hurt you in the past.

The Ace of Cups can be associated with a new relationship. If you are not looking for love, it could mean that you are likely to hear happy news from someone close to you.

This is time for kindness, the pure joy in living each day, and learning to appreciate every moment and making it count. You must take the time to enjoy the journey, as the destination will follow. This is so true; you are often so wrapped up in getting somewhere in life that you can actually forget to enjoy getting there.

When you draw an Ace card, you may find yourself feeling more creative. Your self-confidence is at its height. And you may discover yourself feeling ready to step outside your comfort zone and be open to new experiences and be prepared to take on challenges.

Do not be shy. People will be attracted to you at this time. It would help if you embraced and welcome this moment. It’s time to take those steps forward and allow yourself to start thinking about the things you might have been putting off for a long time.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Selfishness

The Ace of Cups in the blocked position suggests that your feelings have been having an adverse effect. Maybe you have been holding on to negative emotions and have not been able to forgive.

Perhaps the very idea of forgiving people has proved challenging for you. In general, the blocked card can reveal insecurity and doubt, and you may feel that you can’t trust people.